About to buy my season tix, a brief rant

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Spike, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. I'm about to order my season tix. I am genuinely eyeing some seats on the very top row. Many of the seats closer to the action are already for sale on stubhub or other similar secondary markets. I have never bought more than 2 season tix but they are saying I can order 6. Ironically for several years after coming back from school I did not buy season tix because I never knew how many I was going to bring, and sometimes free or discounted seats would present themselves.

    Why do some seats require a "donation" and others do not? Why do they call it a donation? A donation is a charitable gift, as if I have a say so in the matter. I'm ok with paying more to sit closer to the 50 yard line, but why not just say that tickets in XYZ section cost more. Call it a servicing fee.

    I'm sure several will speak up and tell me I'm wrong to feel this way or this is the price of progress or just make some sarcastic comment, but I had to vent somewhere. This lifelong Frog fan is not happy.
  2. Not really sure what you are complaining about...all the donation seats are sold out already, right?

    The idea is that all reserved seats cost $200 and the difference is made up by the donation. It's a win win for both sides of the transaction.
  3. you can't claim the "service fee" on your taxes.
  4. A service fee is not tax deductible while a charitable donation is. Provides some benefit back to the purchaser.
  5. Tax boondoggle.

    Steel would like to go on a little rant of his own. Steel was sleepign perfectly soundly this morning WHEN THE SUN COME UP ABOUT 7 A.M.! WHY THE SUN HAS TO COME UP SO EARLY AND INTERRUPT STEEL SLEEP? STEEL NO LIKIE.

    That is all.
  6. TCU classifies it a "donation" so it's tax deductible. You're welcome.
  7. Spike let me know what section you end up in.
  8. If they were would I be mentioning it? Use that TCU education a bit.
  9. SPike, If you had bought the $500 seats, $300 would be used for tax donation. TCU thought instead of raising tickets prices straight up, they would all be $200 and the price inscrease would be in the form of scholarship donation. They figured season ticket buyers would be more receptive to this than a straight up increase.
  10. They just went. Now they are gone.
  11. Yeah. Its a tax deduction. Money is dedicated for scholarships. Why are you complaining?
  12. Trying to think of a way to make a comment about your family planning but it's not coming to me. Buy me some BBQ and I'll be happy.

    My real gripe is not the donation, it's the fact that all the good seats are gone. People are gaining a benefit in the priority points race by buying up tix and putting them on stub hub.
  13. I look at it as the cost + CC = price of ticket, but the admin has structured the price such that there is a small write off benefit. I assume the alternative would be (in the admin's view) to charge the total price (cost + CC) and not deem any portion as a CC and you'd lose the write off.
  14. Just tried to call you. How did I end up with your Sig Line?
  15. Another little rant, if you would indulge Steel. Steel got a new long tree [pruner last night. Not rope based, it has like a bike chain. Freaking genius! Under $40. Anyway, Steel was pruning HIGH the trees, without a ladder, WHEN THE FREAKING SUN WENT AWAY, LEAVING STEEL IN THE DARK! STEEL HAD PLENTY OF ENERGY AND "WANT TO", BUT THE SUN PUNKED OUT ON STEEL. WHY THE SUN DO THIS TO STEEL?

    Also, Steel do not have good night vision liek the cat and others. Why Steel has been deprived by G.O.D. of good night vision and lowly, despicable cats get sweet night vision? This makes no sense. How could G.O.D. be infallible when he/she do things such as this?

    That is all.
  16. Damn the free market. Wish we could play in Mother Russia. Or Chink Land.
  17. Exactly. I read there were 6 left hence why I asked...calm down bro.
  18. Sorry, not the same as the free market when you are arbitrarily placed at the end of the line. Maybe you should be out pruning your tree instead of trying to aggravate me. That is all.
  19. "That is all" is a copyrighted trade dress of Steel. You are requested to cease and desist from using it, or Steel may sue your worthless butt. Communist pinko.
  20. I don't really understand why you are at the back of the line if you have bought season tickets before.

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