Wow! What a week for the Lady Frogs

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  1. boom! Best week in program history. Beat ranked teams in consecutive games with an OT win over WVU in a game they trailed almost all of it.
  2. That’s awesome. At least one of our hoops teams will be ranked come Monday!
  3. Really happy for them. Big difference, at least visually, in the energy and activity level. Love the playmaking ability of AO. Clutch shot under tough circumstances.
  4. We’re a women’s basketball school now.
  5. Maybe we let the ladies play the last few minutes of the game for the men?
  6. Ray-Gun!
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  7. Wasn't there some recent talk about a coaching hot seat in WBB? The new AD may need to look elsewhere to start his resume for coaching talent acquisition. Gotta think a 3-3 start in the Big 12 is a very pleasant surprise. Keep the momentum!
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  8. Watched it...was tense, but never felt like we didn't know what we were doing. Kind of feel like the men aren't thinking when the pressure is on.
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  9. Sounds very Baylor...
  10. What I thought was odd was on the play that put it into OT West Virginia didnt have a defender between O and the basket.
  11. Two great games this week. Even when they were down 18, they never quit. Fun games to watch!
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  12. I found the broadcast on Fox Sports Go - same with ya'll?
  13. It was on FSSW DirecTV 676 today.
  14. Congratulations to our women's basketball team!
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  15. Would have been a LONG review if that last shot by WVU had fallen. Looking at video frame by frame, I don't think she got it off on time, but it was very close. Glad it missed to avoid a controversial finish.
  16. How many of y’all go to the games? These girls deserve more in person support. They are sooooo entertaining!
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  17. Well done, ladies....superior effort, superior results!
  18. I think that girl fell asleep ball watching.

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