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Who would be the Coach?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Don Sanders, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Monken is a triple option guy, which I would be fine with, but I guarantee you most fans wouldnt be

    No to Leach

    Alabama's DC is a revolving door and the only coordinator who has left Alabama and has had any success is Kirby Smart
  2. Leach just fired his defensive coordinator
  3. Mike Norvell...Would be a great start if Offense is the direction the program wants to take
  4. Lord no. If GP isn’t coaching the defense then I want no part of him doing normal head coach stuff like clock management and time out usage. That’s like getting the worst of both worlds.
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  5. Giving up 63 points might have that result....
  6. I bet we can money whip Saban into coming here!!! Lol. Barely got that typed out before lol!
  7. too many off the field issues, and I don’t mean players
  8. His Memphis teams play [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] defense and the program has taken a step back from Fuente. Not impressed with him. Apparently he also has a lot of red flags in his background checks which is why Arkansas/Tennessee and some other jobs ended up passing on him
  9. Leach is probably close to Gary’s age
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    Your take on his defense and personal red flags maybe correct but the program is every bit as good as it was under Fuente...In fact Norvell has a better record.

    Arky won’t pass again when they fire Chad Morris. He was a top candidate for both the Arky and Ole Miss jobs and they backed off after a background check...Funny that none of those results have been actually leaked...
  11. Clemson D-coordinator would be a great fit venebals!
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  12. The problem with hiring guys away from programs like Clemson and Bama is you get them and it doesn't take long for them to struggle because they don't have the talent that they have at those schools...If one thing is true its that elite talent makes coaches look really good..A coach at TCU will never have elite talent to work with. It won't happen. Right now we are fighting tooth and nail just to get above average talent..
  13. Who in the world wants a new coach?
  14. Was thinking he could recruit top talent?
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    None of this has actually been confirmed. Yes Arky and Old Miss supposedly both wanted to hire him but backed off after background checks but nothing confirmed has ever actually hit the streets on him...In this world, its pretty damn hard to keep nefarious details under wrap....I still believe Arky would take a do over right now if they could.
  16. I do think a young energetic guy could bring a recruiting bump to the program but I don't think its gets us into top talent territory..We have historically recruited in 32-38 range over the last 5 years which isn't bad at all as we've consistently recruited about 3rd highest in the Big12. Top 20 classes is a must for this program IMHO...
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    Chad Morris TCU OC???
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  18. If we lose that Kansas State game, the roof is going to cave in. The fall out from that is that we don't even want to go there. We have 2 weeks to prepare for KSt., don't lose this game Gary.
  19. Living here in Memphis it’s common knowledge. That said, nothing has been printed regarding these issues.
  20. Is Morris that good an OC? I know he had a great reputation at Clemson but we didn't see much at SMU or in his current gig to indicate he's good. Having said that I think his experience alone would make him an upgrade at TCU. Whatever happens we won't be looking for a head coach any time soon. As you are getting at, its much more likely we bring in a new OC..The questions really is do we bring in just an OC and make him work with the current staff or actually let him hire his own guys...
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