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Who enters Transfer Portal

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bill Bozeat, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. I here it is fixing to get used Plenty!! Any guesses. Over/under is at 8
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  2. Probably depends on coaching situation to get resolved
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  3. If we don't hire the right OC, it's going to be way too many season ticket holders.
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  4. Unfortunately how many season ticket holders could tell you our OC’s name? They know we lose but don’t know why. Losing is why there weren’t many seats filled today. Doesn’t matter why to them
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  5. Doubtful but definitely getting less intrigued by this team and admittedly college football in general and I don’t see either one heading in what I’d consider a positive direction.
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  6. Anyone on the O line is fine with me
  7. Aren’t they pretty much all done anyway?
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  8. I hope the Big 12 refs enter the portal
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  9. Understand your frustration. But you’re wrong. We know his name and have no hesitation relating the message you feel to JD. He knows. Will anything be done about it? We shall see. Its still Gary’s team and if he wants no change guess what? Ain’t no change coming brother.
  10. Can’t get worse next year so that excites me
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  11. People on a message board know who Cumbie is. Generic fan who views TCU football as a social event, does not. We are not yet hardcore football school where every fan lives and dies with every member of the team.

    That’s a long way of saying season tickets won’t be affected by any assistant coach.
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  12. I here you might be right. Jees, ever take an English class ?
  13. From what I heard in my section - everyone unanimously hates Cumbie
    What section are you in?
  14. Plenty that I know.
  15. We’ll probably have 20 people on this board enter the portal attempting to transfer their fandom to another program
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  16. “Hate”s a little strong.
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  17. It’s jeez or geez, but it definitely isn't jees.
  18. Do we need more passionate level 1 fans? Yes. No denying that the percentage is lower than elsewhere. But I do t see the leap made to that meaning a notable number of season ticket holders dont know Cumbie is the OC.
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