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What would you do if you were AD?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Nov 15, 2020.


What would you do if you were AD?

  1. Fire Gary. Initiate nationwide coaching search.

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  2. Force Gary to clean house and bring in new coaches and ideas on both sides of the ball.

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  3. Force Gary to hire a new OC that has full discretion as to who is on his staff.

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  4. Give Gary another year to right the ship on his own.

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  5. Other (comment below)

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  1. I’ve seen some threads questioning whether ADJD has what it takes to respond appropriately to what has become a clear crisis within our football program.

    Over his career, Gary had established a pretty dependable track record of having the occasional down year, but always seemingly bouncing back the next year with vengeance.

    3 years in a row of poor coaching, wasted talent, and consistent disappointment has made it beyond evident that something is broken in Fort Worth.

    If you were AD, how would you respond to get this program back on track?
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  2. Two chicks at same time
  3. Wait till end of the year and talk to GP. This year is a weird year and there are a lot of factors with injuries, youth. I would tell him he has to fix the offense and suggest Kill move into another role. GP has earned a lot of rope but one more season of this and for sure you have to look at making the hard call.
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  4. Tough call. I’m to the point where I just hope he steps down. If not, I guess you talk to him after the year and let him know the current results we are getting and the status quo isn’t acceptable. I don’t think I’d make any specific demands like force certain changes on the staff, I’d just put GP on notice that things will for sure change if things don’t improve quickly.
  5. Not cashing in on two trips to the red zone and a disastrous fumbled punt beat us.

    Let's fire the entire coaching staff and the athletic director.
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  6. I would sit down with Gary at the end of the year and tell him the following:

    1) I need a full time head coach, not a defensive coordinator.

    2) Give play calling duties on D to someone else.

    3) Coach your offensive staff and defensive with the same set of expectations you have for yourself.

    4) Ensure that all groups are prepared for the upcoming game.
  7. Just like any manager... AD should sit down with his employee and make clear that he hasn't lived up to expectations and that if the team doesn't improve quickly over the last two games of the season, the two will have to sit down at the end of the season to talk about the employees future.
  8. I’d say you offer number three and if he doesn’t agree, then move to number one. Sorry to have to say it but that’s just where I’m at. Everyone knew full well that wholesale changes were needed on the offense but he decided to give the middle finger on that. He was afforded the latitude to do that once and should not be again.
  9. If I were ADJD I would continue to fundraise as feverishly as possible in this environment, fire the volleyball coach and possibly the cross country coach and keep cashing my paycheck because I’m not getting paid to manage GP. I would have my own LinkedIn network functioning at maximum velocity and I would have my finger on the pulse of my donors and start gauging their appetite for change while building a guiding coalition for potential buyout.

    If I had sufficient gravitas I might start in on the protocol that says it’s very hard to fire someone but far less difficult to make someone want to go away. And that’s no fun for anyone involved.
  10. I imagine there was a "conversation" last year, which probably led to the Kill hire. Since that has been a total failure, the next "conversation" will doubtlessly be less amicable.

    From the position of AD, he is being shown an unacceptable product on the field. Doesn't matter who's name is attached; a dispassionate analysis shows that TCU is fielding an unprepared, underachieving team.
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  11. You have a vivid imagination. Envious
  12. Let's see what happens at the end of the season. Even though it hasn't happened in his 20 years as HC, Gary may take some action in December by getting rid of Cumbie and/or any/all of his offensive staff.

    We owe Gary a tremendous amount of latitude. I say that if he doesn't take any action at the end of the season, then give him a year to achieve noticeable improvement. It is his job to keep us out of these funks that we're in on offense and we're three years into less than mediocre performance.

    Our defenses have had some slumps over the years but have been very good overall with Gary calling them. This is how he coaches.

    Who knows, he may retire in December for all we know.
  13. here is my one issue with the one more year before major changes mentality

    we are seeing the same problems on both sides of the ball that we have seen for multiple years now.

    issues with tackling, the inability to cover the wheel route and crossing routes, and defensive ends continually losing leverage in the run game aren't a side effect of covid or players being involved in political/ social mattes since george floyd etc....

    offensively we are seeing similar repetitive breakdowns and failures and to fix some of these problems gary brought back an offensive coach who left the program under less than good circumstances and gary humiliated at his next job

    so why not one more year before asking for major changes? for me it is because we are headed in the wrong direction in recruiting in our own backyard.

    we are now 6 years removed from the peach bowl and don't even mention the rose bowl etc.... a 2022 recruit would be what 9-11 years old when tcu was rolling through the big 12?

    what has a junior in high school seen of tcu football the past 3-5 years? what do they see in the program to expect a change?
  14. Patterson makes over 7 mil plus huge perks.

    A good, a very good OC will command 850,000 and up with perks

    Revenue is way down due to covid and a private school most likely will not recover from lost of revenue for years to come. Lost revenue didn't stop yesterday it is going on as we speak.

    Plus you have contracts with assistants that have to be fulfilled.

    What is the won/lost record for the last five years? Most contracts in athletics operate on a five year basis.

    Patterson leaves (asked to leave or retires) what does his contract obligate to TCU to?

    What is best for TCU in the next five years?
  15. Did I mention that Donati wears a jester's cap, complete with little bells to every serious meeting?
  16. he also wears rip-away / break-away basketball pants because he was tired of being “pantsed” last time he spoke in front of GP
  17. Big mistake for zero coaching experience Donati to be telling Patterson specific aspects of his team that need to be changed. All Donati should do is first get Boschini and Board backing to hold Gary accountable, then discuss goals for future seasons and document them, along with the possible outcomes of not meeting those goals. If that makes Gary mad then he should resign. This all assumes there is not already a growth plan in place. I love Gary and he is responsible for us being in the Big 12 but it appears he needs a blunt reminder that much more is expected of him.
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    Let’s see. Your head coach names an OC, but he answers to head coaches’ best friend who was given a job because he has health issues and needs a job. OC cannot call plays because a coach who quit three years ago was rehired to be a secret co-OC and he calls the plays because head coach thinks he’s better at it, but still is under the watchful eye of head coaches’ best friend who was deemed an offensive guru but’s not. Meanwhile, head coach could give a ratsass about the offense because the guru is overseeing that.

    This is the precise definition of a Cluster F.

    Edit... Just saw another thread that’s more appropriate for my rant but oh well.
  19. Corona seems to be affecting only half the programs that will use it as an excuse.
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