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What we need to do to close the gap between us and the 2 teams that played tonight

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by GetToTheQB, Jan 7, 2019.

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    I'm pretty sure Cumbie is coaching for his job in 2019. But I think he'll rise to the occasion. He turned Boykin and Hill into 11 win QBs. I'm sure he gave his best effort with Shawn Robinson; but it seems like now we know that SR didn't do his homework to have on-field success. Beating Baylor and Cal with Mule was a heck of an accomplishment. Cumbie's record as OC is 47-18, 72%.
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  2. Is this a serious comment? I honestly can't tell. If you think there is nothing wrong with this offensive staff I would like to get your dealer's number. there is no way you watched this offense sober this year if you think our staff doesn't have issues. Let's start:
    -Had 2 years with the most talented QB in school history only to produce 8 INT in 7 starts.
    -5 Fumbles for said QB.
    -Absolutely no tailoring of the offense to the skills of said QB. No designed runs no read options. Constant intermediate throws to receivers who don't get open.
    -A solid Minus 5 turnover margin. Puts us at an impressive 102 nationally. Worse than Tulane, New Mexico, and Ball State
    -Averaged 7 fades a game to the 5'5 slot guy.
    -Completely botched the playing time of the best RB on this campus since LT
    -No method to the receiver rotation whatsover. Refused to insert to taller, more talented, and faster receivers over the same 2 seniors who showed no ability to create separation whatsover.
    -Had the offensive line ready for Ohio State, and then somehow we were no match for the physicality of Kansas, Texas Tech, etc.
    -Absolutely no concept of leaning on the run game to let the young QB ease into the season. Instead of relying on 2 of the best backs in the Big12 we came out slinging it with a QB who had 1 career start.
    -Had a QB on campus for 2 years and didn't work on his accuracy or touch at all.
    -Ignored explosive skill guys for absolutely god knows what reason. Derius Davis, Kennedy Snell, just benched. Nice work on the snell transfer.
    -Entered the Bowl Game with the mindset of throw first with a 5th year, 4th string QB. We decided the best course of action would be to air it out with this guy. And for those of you who are about to tell me Sewo had 30 carries, we didn't lean on the run until late 2nd half.
    Losing Sonny Dykes was a massive loss to this offense. It's truly shocking how Our 2 receiver coaches haven't once been approached by another team. Do y'all remember that time We had to fend off Ohio State to keep them? Sure was crazy. I skipped my kids Baptism this year to watch us take ground balls on 12 yard in routes in Lawrence Kansas. I cannot fathom The idea that someone would say, completely serious, that there is nothing wrong with this staff. What we witnessed offensively this year was nothing short of an abomination. We had a QB that ran like Cam Newton and instead of easing him into it with designed runs we decided the best course of action was to skull 4 irons at receivers who have DB's Hot Glued to them. Truly incredible
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    1) go read outliers. timing and luck have as much to do as a number of things.

    2) talent - here is the recruiting rankings of the last 10 classes. i won't put names on each list because i am pretty sure most of the people on this board will be able to identify the programs by the class rankings

    program a - 6th, 7th, 16th, 11th, 9th, 16th, 15th, 20th, 10, and 27th

    program b - 31st, 25th, 28th, 21st, 39th, 43rd, 35th, 29th, 28th, and 47th

    program c - 1st, 5th, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, and 4th

    3) other - location, fan support, history, perception around the program

    i do find it interesting in the difference in the money spent between the bama program and clemson.


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  4. World-class rant right there. Especially liked the little touches like averaging 7 fades a game and skulled 4-irons.
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  6. What struck me about Clemson's passing attack last night was that Lawrence seemed to regularly look off of the Alabama D, but did very little read progression. Every pass play seemed designed to go to a particular receiver in a particular place. They used formations, route-running, and pass placement between zones to get space on a very good defense.

    Not downplaying the great O line that didn't give up a single sack, the next-level receiving talent that is Justyn Ross, or an RB like Etienne who demands LBs' attention. But even with that talent, Clemson kept the scheme very simple for Lawrence. QBs rarely have time against Alabama to go through a read progression anyway, so design good pass plays that get the ball out quickly and then execute them.
  7. Good point. It is my opinion that our play design pretty much sucks relative to many other teams. Too many receivers running routes that have little to no purpose and that don't help get them open, and too many routes where guys catch the ball while they aren't moving. It makes everyone on the field look slow. Some of these teams have guys that are no faster than ours but it looks like they've got rocket boosters on.
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  8. The most successful private school programs in history got busted for ‘cheating’ (USC, Miami, SMU in the 80s) or are the institutions of entire religions (Notre Dame). They’re all also much larger in terms of enrollment/living alumni/etc.

    It’s a numbers game and we don’t have the numbers to consistently be on the level of Bama/Clemson/et al.
  9. I stand by what I said. Basically the same coaching staff led to three top 10 finishes in 4 years.
    Oh, and tl/dr.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Thanks for the info 8.

    Dabo making twice what GP makes and that does not include the raise he will get for winning the NC.

    Prior to Dabo, Clemson was a football program that was basically 5/5+- and then he begins his 1st season against GP in 2009 and loses. The rest is history. We were a much better program than Clemson at that point. If you've got the right people, things can change.
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  12. Our offensive line was awesome for him in that game. it seemed as though they enjoyed running the ball and Sewo obviously did.

    He has now come of age as a class RB, when you finish on top of all the bowl backs (with our previous offensive line), and against the No. 2 Pac 12 defense, you know you have arrived as the Big Dog or Big Frog. Going to be someone fired next year if we waste Sewo and Anderson. Take a clue Sonny, no more 16 ship receivers on the squad, no more bubble screens, silly reverses, etc.
  13. We just need a QB with accuracy to hit those receivers on the run.
  14. Talent, plus COACHING, plus game planning. They knew where the holes were in the Bama pass defense and they put there best receiver in that space based on their ability to perform. Saban just got outcoached. All this talk about what we have to do to play in the NC game is ridiculous. We are light years behind the usual teams in the final 4.
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  15. Don't forget no injuries.
  16. Clemson should play this years Super Bowl Champ for the final Championship of American Football!
  17. Clemson would be slaughtered.
  18. no, more like or Patterson will suffer pressure as a result, which nobody wants to see.
    thanks for playing and losing.

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