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What we need to do to close the gap between us and the 2 teams that played tonight

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by GetToTheQB, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. I do not agree. Would have punted against Syracuse and lost the game.
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  2. I don't buy this entirely.

    The kids we had (listed above) were not a bunch of schmoes. Hell, Nick Saban was begging Foster Sawyer to come play for him. The others on that list were also highly regarded and had many offers. No, the issue is one of developing talent v. "making" talent.

    It is often said that coaches tend to try and "shove a square peg into a round hole" by asking a player to do something he isn't naturally inclined to do. Boykin as an NFL-style dropback passer, for example. Once he was in a system that matched his particular talents, he blossomed. (Of course, it probably helped that receivers knew where to go, and the QB where to find them, but that is another matter...)

    Are we developing and feeding the talent we have to the fullest extent possible? If not, why?
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  3. I think we will probably play Texas twice next year.
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  4. I think that cohesiveness is seen every season on the defensive side for TCU. Good highlight by another poster about how many misses at quarterback recruiting we have had since Boykin.
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  5. Who had their redshirt blown this year? They would have had to play in 5 games in order for that to happen, right?
  6. Fill up the stadium with loud fans for a better football environment. Atrract and sign better talent across the board - not just a few studs here and there.

    Easier said than done though.
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  7. So just a few simple concise tweaks and we will be National Champs...What are we waiting for...It’s Tuesday
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  8. Match Clemson's and Alabama's payroll.
  9. Point's well taken but below is OU's qb recruiting:

    2012: Trevor Knight
    2013: Cody Thomas
    2014: Justice Hansen
    2015: Connor McGinnis
    2016: Austin Kendall
    2017: Chris Robison

    So maybe the answer is to get good transfer qb's like Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray
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  10. You have to be willing to fire assistants who are not getting it done and make sure the Head Coach knows that if it does not get fixed, it's on him and nobody has a safe job in college football. Then, you have to ignore weak kneed fans who are afraid of big coaching changes or even the idea of trying to compete for something big. Too many in these parts are pals with someone in the AD and shun any big goals. In short, you have to grow a pair.
  11. anybod who watched the offensive scheme for the frogs this year and thinks there is not an issue with coaching ... has a football knowledge level baylor.

    And folks should quit saying "freshman qb" as an excuse. Bama and Clemson just went big with Freshman qb's.
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  12. What got Clemson going was their willingness to make big changes. The first thing Dabo did when he was made I Head Coach was to can an offensive coordinator.
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  13. Tua is a sohpomore, but I get the point. Two years ago I was in the camp that all these schools throwing out freshman QBs was a bad idea (looking at UT), but I've flipped my position. In today's game, there's no reason you shouldn't have a QB ready to play, regardless if they are a freshman or not. Way too many teams finding success by switching QBs.
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  14. Small steps. We need to not lose to Kansas, Tech and learn how to beat OU before we ever get to elite.
  15. Last year, Dabo recruited and signed the No. 1 player in Alabama, Ohio, Georgia, SC, and Florida. That is how you win national championships.
  16. Gary is going to do it Gary’s way. That means he won’t fix things that could be better like the coaching staff, but he will win games with a consistently great defense.

    But the truth is that if we had someone different, they might do all the things we are asking for like more accountability with assistant coaches — but they won’t be near the coach Patterson is and we won’t win as many games.
  17. Tua was a Freshman when he stepped into the limelight last year in a huge way. (To clarify what I was talking about). And you are correct, no reason to not have them ready to play. They come out of high school these days way more developed from 7 on 7, high schools running the spread and temp, etc. Sonny better have his ducks in a row next year.
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    Taye Barber, Derius Davis, and T. Hunt did for sure. I'm not too worried about giving a 5th year to any of our WRs; but John Stephens Jr., kept his. For this year we should've burned them all.
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  19. Or what? We will blister his ass with mean online comments?
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