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What we need to do to close the gap between us and the 2 teams that played tonight

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by GetToTheQB, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. I will make this concise, and to the point. I know that many of you think I am daft and inferior because i am not rolling around in our 2011 rose bowl title, or our 2017 Alamo Bowl championship. I am a realist, and a true fan of the team.

    1) Play our young talent. Did you see Clemson tonight? I mean it was absolutely unreal. i am not sitting up here and claiming that we are bringing in 8 star recievers like Clemson, but we have some guys on our team who's redshirts we blew, for no reason, who did not even get snaps. Thank god we got Jarrison Stewart and Jaelan austin some reps though. We have proven a consistent inability to develop our talent at WR, so i do not understand why JS and TH did not play late in the year, or in the Cheez It bowl, which is the site where JS jr. RS was blown, on a special teams play. Not even at wideout.

    2) Overhaul the offensive staff. I do not know how they are still employed by TCU. I really do not. Nothing has showed me that Cumbie, Burns, Anderson deserve to be employed here. The product that they were responsible for was nothing short of horrendous. there is nothing else to say about it. From the lack of getting the ball in our best players' hands, to the sheer stupidity of some of the calls. I have never seen a worse offensively coached unit, in my entire life. If i skip another wedding to watch us 3 hop a 10 yard dig route to Jarrison stewart, my wife may kill me.

    3)Find a staff that can and has catered to talent before. As you can see in many of our other posts, we have an absurd amount of churn in our program from a personnel standpoint. I believe this is because we do not cater to the talent we have. We have prided ourselves on being little old TCU with LHCGP. Okay, that worked well for a while, no one is doubting that. Now we are in the top 30 in recruiting every single year, and have absolutely nothing to show for it. 2014 changed us forever. We were so unbelievably filthy. We got recruits because of that, but our coaching staff remains the same for the skill positions as it was in 2004.

    4) Hold people accountable. No one is held accountable in this program. every loss, and every win, is eventually twisted in some contortion of our past. We need to move forward. Stop giving hall passes to people because we won a rose bowl 8 years ago. It is absolutely egregious. people always talk about CFB on this website as a business. Have you ever seen a program in your life with 3 years of continuous offensive struggle that does not make a change? Gary is an absolutely unbelievable defensive mind. There is no question. What he did with us this year the last 6 games was nothing short of brilliance. Can you imagine what would happen if we held our offensive staff accountable and made changes? I could not. Gary is paid 4,000,000 a year by TCU. He has been quoted as saying he wont walk over to the offensive side of the ball. If Lincoln riley was over there developing our offense, it would be a different story, but he is not. Walk across the practice field and hold people to a standard. The word "standard" is missing from this program.

    What I saw tonight and every time I watch Clemson is a disciplined, hard working group of young men who come together on the field and play their hardest for 60 minutes every Saturday. What else i see is a coaching staff that is committed, responsible and aggressive.

    This is the Big 12. It is 2019, not 2011. Stop deflecting everything back to prior success. The time to take a step forward as a national contender is now. Stop the complacency. Stop the complacency. Lets hold people accountable, set standards, move forward as a fanbase, and win some games next year.
  2. I would hate to see what long winded looks like.

  3. Yeah man. It would look crazy.
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  4. Good response here
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  5. Bama really struggled on offense tonight, made some bad play calls, and had a kicker that dissapointed.

    Couldn’t imagine what that feels like. Wouldn’t want to be them right now...
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  6. I think you hit on a few good points, but bottom line, probably over half of Clemson’s starters will end up having NFL careers. And honestly, that number may be closer to 75%.
  7. It starts on the lines. They are the only team in America who could get pressure in tua with a four man rush.

    We have the DTs to do it, but not the DEs at this point.

    And their OL is as good as they come.
  8. "The word "standard" is missing from this program." This sums up your rant. We have 16 receivers on ships, counting the incoming class and deleting the seniors that are leaving. GP signs off on this. It doesn't have to be this way.
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  9. I have a simple two-step plan:

    1. Score 44 points on someone.
    2. Score 44 points on Bama.

    Let's do this!
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  10. Came in expecting a terrible post basedon the title but I agree with your thoughts. We are nowhere near Clemson though currently.
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  11. Finding receivers/an offensive scheme that can produce multiple wide open receivers vs even the best defenses would be a good start.
  12. This made me laugh.

  13. Let me help you..... sign better players and hire better coaches. See, now THAT was concise.
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  14. Bigger lines, especially on offense.
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    Another big difference between TCU and some of these programs is the quarterback position. Other programs are recruiting top quarterbacks getting top notch results from their true freshman quarterbacks from day one. Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa at Alabama. Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm at Georgia. Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence at Clemson. The days of good quarterbacks needing three years on the bench are over.

    Now compare that to TCU’s quarterback recruiting and results

    2012: Tyler Matthews
    2013: Zach Allen
    2014: Foster Sawyer and Grayson Muehlstein
    2015: N/A
    2016: Brennan Wooten
    2017: Shawn Robinson

    The QB position is too important to have that many recruiting misses six years in a row. TCU has been reliant on transfer quarterbacks just to be able to get by.

    The good news is I think TCU has two really good ones in Justin Rogers and Max Duggan.
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  16. Conveniently leaves out Boykin. Also conveniently leaves out the fact that the last two Heisman winners were transfers. Yeah, we signed some bad QBs, but we’ve had above average college QB play pretty much every year since 2013 until this year when our starter was hurt.
  17. We need to visualize and attack

  18. I would be willing to bet if you took all of those Clemson players and put them in TCU uniforms, we would have made the playoff and may have won as well. You can’t replicate talent and it is likely we will never get athletes like this. The best way to close the gap is to figure out a way to bring in better players. It is happening but it is a gradual process. We want it to be a two year plan but it is a ten year plan. The last 5 years have been GREAT for us with 3 top 10 finishes. Hopefully the next five will be even better.
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  19. We had a new QB and a mostly new o-line. That’s why the offense struggled this year. Pretty much as simple as that. Nothing wrong with the offensive coaching staff.
  20. Boykin was 8 recruiting classes ago, part of the 2011 class. The point is if you have to go that far back, there’s a problem.
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