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West Virginia opening line

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. When was the last time we covered the spread? SMU?
  2. Don't know but I lick this.
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  3. Ohio State
  4. Seems light. I think it is 3 TDs easy.
  5. Also, Tech favored over UT. I would love for coach bro to win that.
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  6. I’m shocked at tech this year. Seemed like Bro was on a hot seat, players leaving, recruiting class was terrible. All signs looked like Bro was on his way out. He’s potentially coaching himself into an extension. Not saying Tech is pushing for a conference title, but they seem much improved.
  7. I guess this means Bowman is healthy and expected to play that game then?
  8. Gross
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  9. I doubt it. I read earlier that he was back in the hospital because he suffered a recurrence of the collapsed lung.
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  10. Not a gambler..... would be all over WV if I was. That game has something like 38–13 written all over it.
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  11. The video of him going down in pregame warmups the other night was kinda scary.
  12. Didn’t they say on the broadcast that he took a football to the head at half?

    Had no idea it was related to his lung. Scary to think he was playing with that condition if not fully healed.
  13. I just saw some grainy video of him throwing a ball and then falling on the ground. Was in a restaurant so couldn’t hear the announcers commentary. Pacific Table makes some solid food FWIW.
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  14. He got hit dead on in the chest right before halftime. Think that’s what did it again.

    Either way, I’m very surprised they’re rating Tech as favorite with Bowman out.
  15. Sagarin rankings...

    UT 81.73
    TT 80.72

    Add in home field and you got a tight Tech favorite

    They probably just aren’t factoring anything in for QB as of now
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  16. That might be the halftime score. Not trying to be a Debbie downer, just realistic.
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  17. Incredible. How was he playing if a football can can another collapsed lung. If I’m his parent, I have some very serious questions for Bro and his medical staff.
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  18. I swear I thought I heard them say bowman got hit in the head with a football. I could be wrong
  19. If we score 13 points in one half of play I’ll be damned
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