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Week 9 Other Games

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by AroundWorldFrog, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. FBS (I-A) Conference Schedule Week 9 2019 - NCAAF - ESPN.png
    SMU and Houston up to bat.
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  2. Wonder how we'd be playing if Buechle had transferred to TCU.
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  3. SMU goes on 4th and goal and dropped pass.
  4. Data suggests that he would be terrible.

    Go Ponies! (Am I the only one who cheers for SMU against everyone but us?)
  5. Those are Mountain Time Zone times, right?
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  6. I hope so.
  7. Yes, since that's where I am. Thanks for catching that!
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  8. Why can everyone else run a TE down the middle of the field for big gains?
  9. SMU OL has learned how to hold...
  10. They aren't dumb...?
  11. What a run by Jones, wow.
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  12. Refs killing Houston with personal fouls.
  13. SMU is AACs hope for big money payout. They are not going to ruin this magical season for them.
  14. I guess Dykes has done growed 'em up
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  15. He knows how to take transfers, coach them well, and produce wins.

    Aint that something?!
  16. Open WRs, open TEs must be nice. Lol.
  17. Is that why they ejected their third-leading tackler for targeting?
  18. Does Houston play the same offense as TCU?
  19. You can't hide targeting
  20. I will say SMU looks good

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