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Was it the Offense or the Defense?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Holy snap...

    Yes the defense had critical let downs. SMU, KSt, and Baylor but good grief they didn’t get a ton of help
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    In this day and age of offense, when you hold your opponent to 300 yards or less, those all should be wins.
  3. see one of the other 39 threads for the answer
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    It’s a fricking no-brainer and anyone with a pair of functioning eyes and a handful of working brain cells knows that the offensive production (or lack thereof) was physically and emotionally draining on the defense.

    Has consistently happened over the past several years, and is beyond frustrating.

    You can’t look at the two sides in a vacuum, stat wise. They feed off each other.

    We also won TOP several times as well, yay, where did that get us?
  5. And we have our answer
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  6. They didn't get an ounce of help. Not a vintage TCU defense by any measure, but still good enough to compete for a Big XII title.
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  7. The defense had a few bad games.

    The offense had a bad season.
  8. In direct answer to the OP’s question, “Was it the offense or the defense?”

    Yes, it was...

    Go Frogs!
  9. Very well stated.

    It's human nature when the defense is sitting on the bench and the offense is either turning the ball over or gets another 3 and out and you have to go back and hold them again and then back to the bench and the same thing happens again. Finally you just say scheiss it.
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  10. This could be the mantra of the SC era
  11. The defense had some ugly moments this year. The offense is completely broken.
  12. The team lost 7 ballgames and virtually every player, every coach, and most definitely every unit contributed.
  13. It was a team effort.
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  14. Sure...But come on, If you’ve got to pick a side, nobody in their right mind would choose the Def.
  15. Lot's to work on on both sides of the ball. Per B12 conference stats, the offense ranked sixth in the conference in points scored per game.....the defense ranked......also 6th in points allowed per game. Looks like a push. Also, the offense was 2nd in conference in TOP controlling the ball for just over 32 minutes per game on average.....so our defense got more pine time than eight other teams in the B12.
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  16. not that the numbers become significantly better, but someone might want to tell matt the frogs were actually 3-3 in games this year that they defenses allowed less than 300 yards of offense

    the games they won:

    apb (215 yards)
    purdue ( 204 yards)
    kansas (159 yards)

    the games they lost:

    ksu (261 yards)
    baylor (294)
    wvu (244 yards)

    should the defense had to carry the load in those 3 losses?

    no, but in two of those losses (baylor and ksu) the frogs had the lead and allowed a very, very late score to tie the game and give up the lead

    as others have pointed out this isn't an either or matter
  17. why must it be one or the other?
  18. It Doesn’t .. If you have a list of problems that need to be fixed, you are generally going to start with the big ones..Offensive side is bigger
  19. In a pitcher's duel is it the pitcher or the offense that gets the loss?

    It's both.

    This was a team issue from top to bottom. Offense didn't help the defense several times this year, but there were too many times when the defense HAD to make a stop and couldn't get off the field, and a few games where there wasn't a chance for the offense to contribute or keep up (SMU and ISU). If you have a championship caliber defense they can stop anyone, if you have a championship caliber offense they can score on anyone, neither happened this season.

    Was the defense better than the offense? Absolutely. But, this is a team sport.
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    believe your stats are off as the NCAA after 12 games has us at

    -Scoring Offense 8th in Big12 / 58th Nationally barely behind Tech
    -Scoring Defense 5th in Big12 / 59th Nationally

    Edit: I’ll add if you factor out non FBS we are even worse on offense..Roughly the same Def.

    Finally the overtime points for and against us in the Baylor is also throwing off the stats..We were statistically much better defensively.

    But yes we weren’t championship quality on either side of the ball..

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