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USC and UCLA to the Big 10?


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I'm assuming that TCU will have the option of being part of a regional conference (remains of the Big 12), and that key relationships for that are in place. So I would think about what else might be worth pursuing.

I'd be interested to know what Stanford has as its plan B. (Plan A is trying to hitch a ride with Cal if the Bears can successfully use legislators to tether themselves to UCLA. Could happen, and I think Stanford's strength in minor sports would appeal to the B1G.)

Then, I'd be trying to figure out what Notre Dame is thinking (probably time for them to go to B1G; they need a home for non-football sports).

Then, I'd try to learn the likelihood of Northwestern and Vandy being offloaded from the superconferences, and find out what Miami and Duke are looking at if the ACC is torn up.

All that to say, it could be worth exploring the idea of a national football-playing selective privates conference. Except for Notre Dame, it would have no big media audience even with presence in good markets, but from a recruiting standpoint, there will always be a group of athletes for which selective private schools have appeal, and running with that crowd would be good for TCU's academic reputation. A core of Notre Dame, Stanford, Miami, TCU, Vandy, Baylor & Duke would be exceptional in minor sports, salty in men's basketball, and solid in football. Could fill out with Northwestern, Wake or selective ACC state schools that would be homeless. I could see a group like that wanting to exit the arms race while still keeping a commitment to D1 sports excellence. And a slightly higher academic requirement could be installed across the board.

High travel costs, but you could set up pods to limit some of the travel--say, (Duke-Wake-UVa-UNC-Ga Tech-Miami) (TCU-Baylor-SMU-Vandy-Tulane-Rice) (Notre Dame-Northwestern-Stanford-Cal-Washington/Air Force/BYU).

Is that better than a Big 12 that adds some of the PAC leftovers? Probably not, but I would be having those conversations.
Who wouldn't want to play in a conference named the Big Privates?


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That's pre-millennial eschatology for you! So all along Og and Magog were Big 10 & SEC. ;)

But I'm A-millennial. The 2000 years is symbolic for the complete reign of the Gospel and the beasts and the battles are mythological symbols that point to our fight against the devil, the world, and our own flesh until Christ returns for the full consummation of the end.

Sorry...that's some nerdy pastor stuff going on there.
Nothing wrong with nerdy pastor stuff. Many seem to think that St. John's Revelation is really scary and stuff but there's always more. What about the glimpse into Heaven? Now that stuff is cool to death!



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If this is legit and they get accepted, it very well could signal the end of the PAC-12 as a viable Power 5 conference.
But it is curious that both Oregon and Washington have moved at warp speed (in concert) to send in their "application", and that the Big-10 Board would be moving at Trans-Warp speed to approve their application the same day!? You would think all this was pre-arranged! :rolleyes:

I also applied for BIG10 membership today. I expect an answer by tonight.

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So many people have their heads in the sand.

When will you all realize - there will be a 24-32 mega conference that will split off to create their own division.

TCU nor any other current Big 12 team will be a part of it. Adding the Pac-12 leftovers (Oregon and Washigton will be in the mega conference) to the Big 12 leftovers will not change this fact.
And at some point they (the big shots at the SEC and B10) will figure away to rid themselves of their "undeserving bloodsuckers" (less payouts, the more money for them) (Vandy, NW, Rutgers, MissSt. Kentucky, Maryland, et.al.) So even if your school/team is "in" today, it probably won't be in another 10 years or so.

But what does ESPN and Fox think we fans are...STUPID. Their on-field product will continue to be marginal and the games will not be appealing to most of us real fans.

College football in 2035 will be watching a menu of big image/marginally successful teams (in the last 10-20 years) like Texas, USC, UCLA, etc.
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Thanks for the Monday morning quarterbacking. NOBODY could have predicted this and if they tell you they KNEW this would happen they're full of [ #2020 ].

I know several people that have posted online about the possibility of this, though, no one knew for sure.

That said I think the Big 12 did right with the 4 adds already. Gives the conference Ohio and Florida in its markets, and now, it helps keep it stable to pull from the PAC instead of the conference being raided by Pac leftovers.