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USC and UCLA to the Big 10?


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Why do we think the Big 12 picks up the Pac? Could be the other way. Could be a new conference emerges.
The only thing protecting the PAC was USC/UCLA. Nobody would think they'd leave so its an easy TV bet on the new media deal. Now you've lost the BIGGEST market beyond NY. P12 is done for if this pans out. I would have never thought it'd go that way, but i don't see them surviving this.

Utah/Colorado/Arizona's have already expressed some unhappiness (not to the point of leaving). Oregon to me is now the X factor

This is a mess, and once again everyone from the ACC, B12 and in the middle are in massive uncertainty
Just got a text back on this, this is being driven by Fox. Fox presented this idea back a few weeks ago as an idea to drive Big 10 network expansion and revenue, and juice returns on their upcoming tv deals… want to drive coast to coast all day ratings. This must have all come together VERY quickly.

Reminder, Fox now owns a controlling stake in the Big 10 via their network agreement and has substantial sway on conference decision making.

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