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Uhoh, Urban...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCURiggs, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. The Ohio State version of Leeroy Jenkins tonight it seems...
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  2. I am amused.

  3. This is the best twitter rant of all time
  4. Same dude, same...

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  5. so we are all in agreement that at this point zac is pretty much unemployable anywhere except tcu beat columnist for the fwst?
  6. I’ve often bought into the idea that if you give people enough rope they may hang themselves. Twitter and Smith definitely fit that notion here.
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  7. I don’t....Is he better than Anderson? :)
  8. I was on the fence regarding his sanity until this tweet.

    Yeah, the dude is BSC.
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  9. Haha. Congratulations on your endorsement from the crazy wife-beater, Shaun!
  10. Genius!
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  11. McMurphy really screwing himself here. This is being rebuffed by literally everyone, and will then call in to question the validity of his earlier, solid, reporting on the Smith stuff.
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  12. Yeah, if you have a hard time validating Zach Smith's crazy, you're not really nailing your investigate reporting.

    Silver lining: it's making Smith's Tom Herman claims look slightly more credible (duh).
  13. Kind of agree, but at the same time what has Ohio State or Urban done to believe a word they say. Urban can’t stop lying about everything and Ohio State’s investigation was laughable.
  14. mcmurphy stated that mensa and his wife were not the source of the information and he claimed the high road

    right now this reads like what smith and urban claimed which was this was mensa taking a swipe at the osu program for the buckeyes winning over an austin area receiver prospect

    urban is a pos but mcmurphy looks like a writer letting himself be used to try to be relevant and mensa is a petulant soulless pos like his mentor
  15. Worth mentioning that mensa's mentor is a man's man but mainly mentally maladroit and minimizes marital misconduct as minutia while his other mentee mainly maintains miniscule, but memorable, moments of meth, martini, and minoxidil motivated meltdowns.
  16. Somebody found the "M" page in their thesaurus...
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  17. Meh.
  18. Me gusta su moxie...
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  19. V is for vendetta, M is for message board.
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