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Uhoh, Urban...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCURiggs, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Hadn't seen this
  2. I'm sure he sits in meetings all the time with his phone constantly going off and just says "Sorry guys, I don't know how to turn the ringer off or even lower the volume on it. You know me and phones."

    And then he immediately forgets that he even has a phone.

    I believe him.
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  3. Something to brighten this junky Monday.
  4. I wonder if they have an “Uhoh Gary” thread over at Bucknuts.com.
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  5. Was interesting to hear a commentator say he didn’t think urban would be back. Can’t remember
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  6. It is a little more shocking what folks will post.
  7. I do not envy the territory ISU fans are entering into......

  8. No kidding. Kind of just throws a wet blanket over all the "success" they are having, and odds are he'll be gone before they even get an 8-win season out of the deal. Maybe he'll be that 1 in 100 guy that sticks around for another 10 years to really advance that program but I highly, highly doubt it.
  9. Have to appreciate Ohio State taking the PR hit by bringing back Urban after basically not suspending him (no gameday) and then getting into a fight with him mere weeks later with the likely outcome being Urban leaving and Campbell coming on board.
  10. If he could get a solid recruiting base and hit Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas (the states) pretty hard and get some solid OL candidates, then a Texas QB every other year, Iowa State could stay dangerous. Be the next 90's/early 2000s Nebraska.
  11. I wish it were Tom Herman. He’s a piece of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].
  12. Agree on him being a POS, but I kinda like him at UT. After seeing the Maryland and Tulsa game, I am pretty sure this win streak won't go into next year. He's not that good a coach.
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  13. please stop
  14. What?
  15. "If they win out, they will finish 12-1 with victories over TCU...which figures to be a playoff resume."

    lol wut
  16. For anyone that plays us, we are a boost to their resume. But when we have a good season with one loss, we seem to always just be shy of the invite.
  17. Whoa!
  18. popcorn.gif
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