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Uhoh, Urban...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCURiggs, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Anyone else think Smith has some dirt on Meyer that Meyer doesn’t want let out?
  2. How would Title IX apply here?
  3. Get ready for Gameday signs like:

    We're going to beat you like your coaches beat their wives.

    CFB fans are a cold bunch and if tOSU doesn't address it, the fans will not let it drop.
  4. So agressniff.
  5. My bet is ESPN will go soft on this story. He and Ohio State are so connected in the ESPN empire they’ll go to absurd lengths to be “cautious” about the “allegations.”

    Hell, it’s a huge story relegated to the side of ESPN CFB under the discreet headline “C. Smith: People near Meyer knew of ‘15 case”

    In the ESPN app the top CFB news stories are ESPN Power Rankings, an article on same, a Trevor Mativh video on Georgia, a story on former CFB coaches owning chick-fil-as, betting, ranking the 21 bcs/CFP champs, and the ESPN jr. 300. Then you get to the “C. Smith: People near Meyer knew of ‘15 case” headline.

    That’s intentionally playing it down. Urban is gonna skate.
  6. Only way to describe it is... no way in waco Meyers did not know. His wife knew. Texted that she would talk to Urban about it. Other coach wive's knew. Reportedly pics of texts that between the lot of them. Barrett said that to claim that Urban did not know, you would have to think that it is possible for most everyone in the Woody Hays center to know about it, but Urban.

    Guess Urban could fire assistants and say they did not tell him. But those wives would likely come forward after someone taking food off their table.
  7. Those are pretty much my thoughts on ESPN as well. He worked there for a year and half the CFB analysts are Buckeyes. I'd be surprised if they call him out the way he deserves.
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  8. If a university that receives federal funding knows about and ignores sexual harassment or assault in its programs, that is a violation of title IX.
  9. If the wife was not a student at one of those schools, then it would seem to be a stretch to say is applies. Just a guess. After hearing McMurphy's summary of it today, that may be the last concern they have anyway.
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  11. Sadly, that's the reality. ESPN, to a large extent, controls what the news cycle is in collegiate sports. Hell, probably in the Pros, too. The evergreen comment: "Journalism is about covering the important stories. With a pillow. Until they quit struggling."
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  12. From another source:


    There are massive Title IX issues at play here for both Urban and Shelley Meyer.

    Under the Ohio State employee handbook all employees would be obligated to report allegations of domestic assault by other employees. That’s especially the case for Urban Meyer, who is Smith’s superior, and for Shelley Meyer, who is also an Ohio State employee.

    As McMurphy reports: “Shelley Meyer is a registered nurse and instructor of Clinical Practice at the Ohio State University College of Nursing. She too is bound by Title IX standards.”

    That’s why I believe Ohio State will have to fire Urban Meyer before this story is finished.

    Leaving aside the morality of his decision making, he violated his obligations as an Ohio State employee, lied to his bosses, and has now been caught lying to his bosses about it.
  13. I can name one in particular.....

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  14. Fully agreed, and yeppers.

    Disclosure: Mrs. Philly Frog is a Title IX deputy at a local university here. I get to learn this stuff by osmosis.
  15. Brett McMurphy is from ESPN right? oh wait...
  16. But this isn’t an assault in its program. Domestic abuse doesn’t fall under Title IX just because the perp works for a school, does it?
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  17. Disagree, they still have elite talent. They’ll probably be coached by some assistant or something but the talent and scheme will be there. It’ll give us more credit than beating half the big 12 teams would.
  18. Wexaherbstreit?
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