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Uhoh, Urban...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCURiggs, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. She’s not getting a Christmas card anymore from the Meyer’s family
  2. He’ll get a slap on the wrist -at best- is my guess. They knew what they were hiring.

    Poor players over there got it much worse for selling stupid autographs.

    Screwed up system.
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  3. You get a like, and you get a like, and you get a like, and....

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  4. So he'll be back for the second game? Sounds like something they'd do.
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    Just in time for their first tough road game with national attention (ie us). Bank on it.
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    I would most certainly not beat that woman above.

    Edit: If she signed a consent for some light spanking I'd consider it, but I'd think hard about getting a witness.
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  7. Zach burns, Urban skates.
  8. i would hope you wouldn't beat any woman, pretty and attractive or not.
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  9. No, but I'd hit it.
  10. Sadly this. Urbs is 6-0 vs Michigan and has a natty. They won't fire him, even with all the other sexual misconduct heat going down at tOSU right now. Tressell was fired/forced out only because his cover up (players selling merch and getting free tattoos) would have invited an NCAA investigation and probation. Meyer will get a fine, "a talking to" from an admin, and maybe suspended for the opener vs Oregon State.

    How incredibly sad that college athletes selling their personal property bothers the NCAA more than a coach beating the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] out of his wife right infront of his daughter.
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  11. Well now we won't get credit when we beat them.
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  12. WB
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  13. Can other people (ticket guy, the professor or faculty guy here?) familiar with title IX chime in here?

    I think this is being overblown and that urbans wife is actually on the hook for being fired much more than Urban is, as the wife was directly told and is also an employee.
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  14. Damn....I wanted to beat him fair and square this fall
  15. There is the reality that they fired Woody Hays for less. So at this point, who knows...
  16. McMurphy was on Sirius ESPNU and went over his report. Whoa!
  17. Details?
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  18. I hear the Astros are interested in trading for Urban.

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