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Uhhh...Dixon to UCLA rumor/ news

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, Apr 3, 2019.

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  2. Like nuclear weapons.
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  3. Same argument I try on my wife. Doesn’t work by the way.
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  4. I just want some resolution either way. I think it's best for both schools if that happens ASAP. We need time to get a replacement, or they need time to find another coach.

    I have a gut feeling the longer this takes, the less likely it is Dixon leaves.
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  6. No like a buyout. I have never understood negotiating something and then just tossing it aside
  7. Just a reminder, Steve doesn’t think Cali has a budget issue
  8. I read this post with a Chinese accent.
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  9. This isn’t a non compete- it’s a buyout. Dixon should have been careful going into the discussions with both parties as in the end it’s on him - he signed it.
    I think he realizes he has it good at TCU and not totally sold on the move - and I also think most of us won’t forever be mad about his looking at a move but deciding to stay either ..
  10. At this juncture my guess is no way he’s leaving. It’s taken too much time.
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  11. I didn't realize you were Asian.
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  12. Why doesn’t JD just pay the buyout himself over two years out of his $8mm salary? I’ll take that math in my business every day.
  13. I still think they are stringing him along in case someone better comes along after this weekend. If not UCLA all of a sudden might find that $8 million.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. At this point, I say meet in the middle and settle for $4-5 Million and let's all move on. He's leaving the program in a bad place. We still have 3 roster spots to fill up, not counting keeping the 3 commits and the rest of the current roster. He's doing damage to his "beloved" alma mater. Ready for this to end and would honestly prefer this to end with him leaving.
  16. You don’t let one frustrating week poison the next 2-3 years. It would be different if the roster was secure but knowing that up to 7 players future depends on Dixon being coach, it puts the program in a perilous spot.
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  19. "softening the buyout" is much different than being stupid and rolling it back to 1M.

    you said you had the money so write the scheissing check if you want him. if not, go hire the guy from cincinnati who is always pissed off and enjoy ugly basketball.
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