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Uhhh...Dixon to UCLA rumor/ news

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. idk If this is totally verifiable, but, this was tweeted then deleted super quickly by a verified UCLA Reporter account I looked like. Anyways...it basically said “sources saying Dixon to UCLA almost a done deal pending buyout verification.” I have a screenshot not sure if I can upload.
  2. If he goes, he goes. Thanks for the time here. Not much anyone on here can do.
  3. Should be able to upload, just depends on the size. I’ve tried to upload things before and couldn’t do it and they weren’t even that large of files.
  4. It was too large. It seemed premature to me , but multiple accounts have tweeted it
  5. There does seem to be a lot of smoke in Twitterhell about Dixon to UCLA but can’t discern if it’s just fan talk or what.
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  6. Someone knows something
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  7. Schloss to MSU was a done deal too, allegedly. I believe it when a press conference is called.
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  8. Yep this was it. I clicked the link and it didnt open.
  9. I guess I can share this much with you guys:

    In UCLA circles, nobody seems to be really sure what’s happening. There were reports earlier this evening that it was Cronin. Done deal. As everyone started buying in, then another poster with alleged inside sources said “not so fast”...and reports started coming in that it’s Dixon. Again, done deal. Then other reports that a major surprise may be in the works. Of course, the one thing for sure is that nobody really knows. And no one will until everything really is finalized...with whoever. The people who negotiate these things—both sides—generally stay tight-lipped until it’s done...for good reasons...and much to the frustration of fans everywhere who want to know everything before anyone else.

    Time to get some sleep...maybe things sort out tomorrow. For now, anyone who tells you they know is probably just repeating rumors....
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    Weirdly, Dixon’s Wikipedia page is blue and gold (as of this post) in its coloration now. Probably someone just playing a joke...

    Edit: it is now back to purple.
  11. This account is allegedly a fan blog with no track record of breaking any insider news.

    Think JC has better sources for UEFA champions league than whoever these guys are.

    Not denying there’s smoke, but wouldn’t get worked up over that account.
  12. Just to update this for anyone up this late:
    The most credible reporter I've seen posing on this so far. Dixon to UCLA by Friday is now being reported by a very credible source out here on the West Coast--Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News...one of the top print media sportswriters in the country...and someone with long-term excellent sources inside UCLA.
  13. To play the what if true card, makes no sense Dixon hiring Broussard and TCU announcing it.
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  14. No doubt, that aspect of it would make less than zero sense.
  15. To be fair, Joe does have an inside source with the family. Pretty sure he's got Dixon making visits to two other schools before making a decision, though.
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  16. If CJD leaves, does he get to take the Big Dix with him?
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  17. Joe was right about Barlow so.....
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  18. I reached the state of ambivalence on this. If he chooses to leave, the program is a far more attractive job then when he took it.

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