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Uhhh...Dixon to UCLA rumor/ news

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. If it were true, hire Cross back from Troy and have a Chris Beard situation. Great mid major coach takes job one day then following week goes to school he turns into powerhouse.
  2. Dawkins at UCF would be one of my first calls as well. Only reason I’m hesitant about him is I think he’s the next Duke coach
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  3. We will be fine if this happens. The don just needs to act swiftly as we have a loaded class coming in.
  4. Much better than a guy that couldn’t keep his job at UTA.
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  5. Dixon has helped us move the bar so either way good for him or we would love to have him for more years.
  6. Have heard this before. When does that portal thing open up again?
  7. Could have been a power play....
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  8. If true...I would want to be in on Buzz Williams before he officially inks the deal with A&M
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  9. If he leaves I would have been ok with him leaving a week ago so we had a chance at Buzz
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  10. If JD is gone we need to be blowing up Eric Musselman's phone
  11. 3 kids in the top 150 = one of the best classes ever for us.
  12. 100% Agreed...As much as I appreciate JD and his alumni status...I wanted Buzz last time..There was a enough smoke that he had interest in TCU as well
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  13. Does anyone really believe the signing class will stay if JD leaves? This could be a real setback if JD leaves.
  14. And if true, that right there would be sufficient reason to go get him if we can. Would not make me hesitate one second.
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  15. No shot unless we throw $$ at someone big time
  16. Nope...
  17. They are inked. They can leave midterm.
  18. Cross is a fantastic coach and very well respected amongst the coaching ranks. Is he a national brand, no. But a big part of that was because he coached a team whose basketball court was constructed on an darning theater stage for years. He’s got league championships and multiple coach of the year honors in his divisions.

    Trent Johnson just thought he had it bad at Wilkerson-Greines.

    It’s pretty much concensus that the AD who fired him was an idiot, that made a terrible decision in firing him, and I’m guessing heavily regrets that now.

    If Cross was the coach here, I would be happy to have him. But he would need some recruiting help to grow his brand.
  19. Time for a splash hire and make the next jump as a program. Put me down for Dawkins. Even if it's just for a couple or three years before Coach K hangs it up.
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  20. Edit: But after watching that game last night, a lot of Bruin fans are probably saying WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!
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