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Trivia Tuesday Summer Sports Dead Zone

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ShadowFrog, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. What has not yet been done that’s still worth doing on Berry Street?

    Is there a Chinese food walk-in or delivery? Yes I’m aware the google generation has UbërEats & DoorDash now. Maybe more police patrol/presence from University down to the tracks & beyond. What else? Throw in your BlueBonnet Circle suggestions as well.
  2. Are any of the Trivia Tuesday posts going to include trivia?
  3. No.
  4. The return of Dunkin Donuts.

    It's all Troy Aikman's fault...
  5. There is Chinese on Berry, albeit down by the tracks. They do deliver, and it's pretty good, at least for the price. Can't recall the name, it's changed a time or two.
  6. Remodel the building at Berry and Unuversity. The one behind the 7/11 with the bronze glass. Could be cool looking with an updated outer skin.
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  7. For Paradoxotaur & BrewingFrog:
    Was Jonny Quest the coolest kid cartoon growing up or what?
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  8. I used to wish for that place to have a cool rooftop piano/jazz bar but now the TCU FrogHilton will fill that need.
  9. Yes, but Clutch Cargo
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  10. This misdirection reminds me of 90% of my conversations with my ADD wife....
  11. Bring back the Berry Street Walker. Trivia...anyone recall her name?
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  13. Maybe a cool zip line between the two. Or perhaps aome kind of aerial trams.
    Wait! Wait! You could even connect them to Amon Carter. Or the BLUU.
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  14. I proposed the ZipLine from Greek Hills garage tower to Rogers roof long ago for all the whiney Beamer drivers complaining about lack of parking.

    No joy.
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  15. Turn bluebonnet circle into the new bar scene for undergrads/fans on gameday. Add more restaurants and bars and make it the go to area on Friday/saturdays in the fall
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  16. correct me if i am wrong, but aren't most undergrads minors?
  17. So much great about this music, especially the borrowed, "Caravan" riff, seems like I remember they played that when Hadji came up. Cobra Charmist, IMO.
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  18. This is not meant as condoning underage drinking, but many undergrads frequent bars. Whether or not they are 21 is up to the bouncer/bartender/waiter to verify
  19. no doubt and having done business with a number of bar owners it is indeed the kiss of death for many a bar to pose a hard line on admissions to minors near a college campus.

    now, finding affordable liquor liability insurance for a bar in that situation that allows minors is a completely different situation, but as they say it is the cost of doing business.

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