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Time for Jeopardy. The subject is TCU football

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. The answer is: The Frogs have done this only once in the previous 17 games.

    What is the question?

    And no, the question is not: "What is thrown an interception?"

    And I guess there may be more than one item...but I just know of one.
  2. Hint: you can find it in the game stats.
  3. - Played a football game in the state of Arkansas (last time was 1999)

    - Haven't been shutout on the scoreboard for 308 consecutive games (last time was 1991)
  4. You can answer this so many different ways. Look at the most rushing attempts. That is the only time they have done that. Look at the most rushing yards. That is the only time they have done that. Look at most first downs. Only time they have done that. Same for fewest. You could literally use the most or least amount of any stat you want and that can be the only time it's happened in the last 17 games.
  5. It is a lot simpler than that. It is just an either/or type answer. Either yes or no, not something like "gained more than 300 yards rushing" or some such nonsense. I went to the play-by-play, where it is easy to find.
  6. What is stopped a fake punt?
  7. Won a game without throwing a td pass
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  8. What is yes?

    From your hint I figure I have a 50% chance of being correct
  9. Probably something to do with scoring two touchdowns within about ten seconds.
  10. OK..Time to tell all. And yes, it;s anticlimactic. Just something that I had to look up and yes, yap about.

    What is receive the opening kickoff? Just once in the last 17 games. Sixteen of the last seventeen games we have kicked off.
  11. What is tried a fake punt play?
  12. There's an old adage in the game of cricket that if you win the toss you elect to bat first; if you win the toss and there is cloudy weather and a green wicket, you think about it and then you elect to bat. It's about the same in football with the desire to get on the scoreboard first. Except that GP absolutely doesn't believe this. Hence we win the toss, we put our defense on the field; the other guy wins, he puts his offense on the field. Long may it continue.

    And, yes, you're all quite welcome for the unsolicited cricket lesson.
  13. Recovered a fumble on a kickoff?
  14. Had a white out home game?
  15. Thought for sure it was going to be not have a single fan witch about kenny hill.
  16. Believers in field position believe Patterson's tactics. Football is all about field position. I always want us to kick first.
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  17. Not had a sack.

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