Time for Jeopardy. The subject is TCU football

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  1. Why do we keep guessing?
  2. bill belichick likes to do the same as GP (defer). an added benefit is you get the ball first in the second half. he must be an odd exception too?

    in baseball, a major advantage to the home team is they batt second.

    thanks for the cricket lesson.
  3. Partied in Fayetteville?
  4. Me too. I'm surprised more coaches don't think likewise. I think electing to kick the ball away is more common in football actually than deferring in cricket, which hardly ever happens. But it is certainly much more common to elect to receive.
  5. Did we win or lose?
  6. Is it not about field position in the second half?

    You defer to get the ball first in the second half, plain and simple. If you were more worried about field position than starting the second half with the ball, you have that option if you deferred after winning the toss. But it seems we always choose to receive the second half kickoff.
  7. I think part of the reasoning is:

    The extra second half possession is more valuable than the opening possession because by then you know more of the game situation, and that will affect your playcalling.

    Also, he actually never chooses to kick or receive, he chooses to defer, leaving open the (admittedly near zero percent) chance that the other team elects to kick, allowing us to receive both the opening kickoff and the halftime kickoff.

    Plus Gary just has a defensive mindset and likes to start that way.
  8. Didn't a UT captain do that very thing in one of Strong's first games as Head Coach.
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  9. yes, he did.

    And then there was the classic faux pas when the ref asked the Baylor captain for his pick and the Baylor guy said, "we'll take the ball." To which the ref replied, "No, you have to pick heads or tails."
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  10. Imagine that. Just taking what they want.
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  11. More importantly, WHY IS NO ONE PHRASING IT AS A QUESTION???
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  12. And if you play it right, you get back to back possessions.

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