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The Receiver Problem

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ThisIsOurTime, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. My last thoughts on the matter as I’m OK with someone disagreeing with me and don’t really find it worth arguing about...... some passes aren’t good and are still catchable. Blame whoever you want for that play but it’s undeniable that Sewo could have done much better than he did.
  2. Power back? Ball went THROUGH his hands. Both of them. Shoulder pads not an issue...hands both sufficiently in place to catch a ball. Too hot? If Max can throw a pass too hot against his momentum then good for him. Want him to lob a ball back against the grain? All that said...I do think Sewo is among our short list of reliable receivers. He just whiffed on that one
  3. No. On first and ten in that situation I would want my QB to throw a safe pass or throw it away.

    Good for him is a strange comment. Any good QB needs to know when to put touch on a pass, and this has been one of Max's shortcomings all year.

    Do you really think Max didn't miss his target by three feet, from seven yards away?
  4. few things to consider.

    frogs threw it 498 times in 2016 and completed roughly 58% of those passes.

    in 2018 they threw it 409 times and completed roughly the same percentage of passes.

    running backs accounted for just under 20% of the total catches in 2016 while they were just over 10% of the total catches in 2018.

    yes, last year was dominated by a single receiver but it really isn't all the skewed in distribution when you compare the 2018 numbers with say 2015


    there is a number of problems with this offense right now. some at quarterback, some at running back, some in the offensive line, and some at receiver.

    i think scheme is an issue, i think the lack of creativity in using formations and motions to set up favorable match ups is an issue, the lack of player development and injury is a big issue.

    not sure exactly what is happening at receiver. hights early on looked to be the guy who was going to the be the option opposite of reagor and then he supposedly gets hurt, but he is out on special teams last week.

    thomas then stepped up and looked good until he very definitely got hurt. barber was gone for the first half of the season basically and then has 17 catches in 4 games. project that over a full season and you have a 45-50 catch season.

    pro well has had flashes, and hunt and stephens have been inconsistent. injuries and inconsistency have hurt this group
  5. He didn’t even have to raise his hands all the way. I’m in disbelief that anyone thinks that’s on Duggan. He made a really nice play to find his outlet for a 5-7 yard gain. Yeah the pass wasn’t between the numbers but this is P5 football. Find me another team that drops (or whiffs) on as many passes. You won’t

    I’m just floored anyone could let Sewo off the hook
  6. watch udub vs oregon state last friday and holy cow did the huskie's drop a number of catchable balls.

    that tight end for them was right there with any frog receiver in dropping passes. he got the huskies offense off the field on third down more times than the oregon state defense
  7. Every week it's a complete mystery who is going to be out there besides Reagor, Hunt and now Barber.

    Stephens, A. Davis, D.Davis, Hights......they kind of play some and are involved and then they just kind of disappear and you almost forget they played are on the team. It's just been so weird like that for years now with the WR group So ready for this crap to change..
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  8. Actually he threw a high pass that his RB couldn't catch, which resulted in an interception. That's the point. The worst thing Max could do in that situation is turn the ball over. So you're coached (or maybe he isn't being coached) to make a smart play on first and ten deep in your own territory when you're trying to protect a lead.

    A 5 to 7 yard gain on first freaking down isn't worth risking a game changing turnover.

    Yes it's on Duggan. Could Sewo have made a great catch on that? Sure. But I'm certain Duggan wasn't aiming above Sewo's helmet, but that's where the ball went. If he throws the ball low where only 33 can catch it, that's a smart play. If he throws it in the dirt or out of bounds, that's a smart play. Throwing high, where there's a reasonable chance the ball is picked, is not a smart play.
  9. This is insanity. The throw was fine and 33 blew it. I can't even believe this is being discussed.
  10. i completely forgot about al'dontre davis
  11. Interesting that you think Max tried to throw it over his head from 7 yards away. That's a great place to throw a ball on first and ten when a turnover could lose you the game.

    I'm sure if Shawn Robinson or Alex Delton made that throw, the same assessment would be made. Great throw.
  12. So did I until I did an inventory. And I basically forgot about Stephens too. Exactly my point.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. I can.
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  15. I had forgotten about him until a week or so ago when someone posted a tweet from him. Our WR rotations are probably the most bizarre thing about our O over the last 5+ years.
  16. I'm going to blow some scheissing minds here but it can be both a bad pass and a bad catch attempt.
  17. Every pass and catch has two parts, no doubt.

    I’d say the blame is 90% Sewo and 10% Duggan. You see these passes get caught all the time. The pass Mims caught for the 4th and 6 TD was pretty similar. High and fast
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    At some point, it eventually gets back to coaching or lack thereof. We all witnessed the cluserdarn that was the 2013 TCU offense: dropped passes, routes run without a clue, etc. Then Meach came in and in one offseason (he was also WR coach) revamped the receiving corps and installed route concepts to get guys open. Yes, it helped that Doctson emerged, but I'm sure some of his emergence was down to coaching.

    I watch alot of college football, and no other team seems to have as many drops, lazy routes, and inability to get guys open. No, Cumbie never calls "41 Sluggo with a Dropped Pass, on Three," but the inability of guys to catch the damn ball, repeatedly and over multiple seasons, has to come back to the coaches and what they are or are not being taught at somepoint.
  19. I don't know, people around here don't seem to think that Max could actually do something wrong.
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  20. Well, looked back at the postgame comments from GMFP and he said that Duggan throwing back across his body on the one interception gave them an opportunity down there, but outside of that he had a good ballgame.

    I know you probably think he's an idiot, but he apparently thought the throw shouldn't have been made in that situation too.

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