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The Receiver Problem

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ThisIsOurTime, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Where is our glue receiver? The receiver we can rely on to catch the key 3rd downs. It seems like in years' past, we had people we could rely on. Maybe they weren't the fastest or most athletic but we had people who could get open and catch the ball. The closest receiver we had to this was Dylan Thomas and scarily, we don't seem to have anyone remotely close to him. I would venture to say that our TEs Wells and Lynn are our best substitute option for this right now.

    But this still doesn't address how we arrived at this point? Maybe you could make the argument we have a freshman QB and we had 3 receivers (Barber, Thomas, and Barkley) injured who would be that guy. But even so, at this point in the season, shouldn't we have someone emerging even if it is a walk-on? Where is that receiver we can point to that says the future will be brighter as he just needs more chances? Who is that receiver that will grow along with Duggan?

    What is the reason we don't seem to have that person this year? Recruiting failures? Coaching failures? Is that player on our team right now and we just aren't playing him for more athletic players? I can understand us having trouble at finding players for certain positions because of high demand and limited players, but I find it very hard to believe there aren't plenty of Texas high school football players every year that could fill this receiver glue role.
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  2. Does Bart Johnson have any eligibility left? All that dude ever did was catch first downs.
  3. Does anyone besides Reagor himself believe he is NFL ready?
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  4. Coach Reag does.
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  5. I am a college football fan that doesn't care at all about the NFL. I am more worried that we don't as a whole seem to have college ready receivers. Reagor can make some great plays at times but he isn't going to be our glue receiver. It bothers me that I can't point to any current receiver and even say this guy will become that guy.
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  6. We lost the game because of drops, I’m just interested in WRs, TEs and RBs who catch the ball whenever it is thrown to them

    Wells drop - 4 points
    Reagor drop - killed a drive
    Sewo drop - turned INT and 3 points the other way
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  7. We don’t do what 99% of other college teams do, force feed your best player the ball.

    Reagor gets the same coverage Collin Johnson or Cee Dee Lamb do but we don’t give him the ball until there’s no other choice.
  8. I’m not a huge scholar of the game but we do an awful job of 1- getting open 2- catching the ball, and 3- making a damn play. Those aspects of the game seem pretty important as a WR.

    I watch other teams and a receiver can be open by 10 yards. We are blanketed at all times. Is it route running? Route design? Protection?

  9. Les Miles play calling at its finest.
  10. I think the WR woes are just part of the entire offense being very mediocre (at best). RB is our theoretical strongest position in terms of experience and past performance. However we haven't had good running against any decent teams. OL seems to be meh in running and pass blocking. We have a freshman QB that has true grit but still looks like a freshman a lot of the time. Our WR don't seem to get open and drop a lot of passes they should have and also get some balls throw high or at their feet. Play calling isn't making anyone look good. The offense simply isn't great in any aspect to where a good defense needs to sell out to stop the run or pass, opening up the other.
  11. Best player and most talented are sometimes two different things.
  12. Not a drop
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  13. Really missing Dylan Thomas right about now. But like some said. Where’s the next kid stepping up deep in the depth chart?
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  14. Correct...it was almost a complete whiff. I he had just dropped it instead of having it go through both hands virtually untouched it wouldn’t have been picked.
  15. A lot of "getting open" depends on timing. On shorter routes the ball has to be there in a small window. Freshman QB hasn't learned that. Pass touch and location has not been there either. Making the play when crucial--Barber (and Thomas) seem to be the only ones to show this.
  16. As long as the O-line can't get it done up front, the receivers don't have time to run a route/get open, and the QB has no time to read progressions, set his feet, and deliver an accurate pass. Watching other games with other teams the difference is alarming...it almost seems our offense is playing against 18 defenders on every play.
  17. Thus, quick slants that are almost never seen.
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  18. Yeah you need people like Slanina to catch first downs on crossing routes.

    Sewo didn't drop it - throw was too high/fast
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  19. Literally went right through his hands. What do you call that?
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  20. Too high??? SMH.

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