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The Daily Advertiser: Judge makes bad statement with ruling

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  1. The Daily Advertiser: Judge makes bad statement with ruling
    Column by Glenn Guilbeau
    BATON ROUGE — Call it Cajun Justice.
    Look for Baton Rouge defense attorney Marci Blaize to become the new lawyer of choice for arrested LSU athletes. That can be quite a profitable enterprise, particularly considering the last few years, and particularly when the judges are LSU alums and probably LSU football fans.
    Blaize got the twice-arrested, twice-guilty-pleading Jeremy Hill off in a blaze of glory Monday with a well-disguised, two-minute defense that would have won the Alabama game for the Tigers last year.
    They were both misdemeanor charges, but one was a violent, premeditated sucker punch caught on tape for the simple battery charge while the other was implied violence toward a 14-year-old girl for the carnal knowledge charge. What a guy!
    If you watch the video of the punch, Hill looks much more guilty than former LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson, who was charged with felony second degree battery for kicking a man while he was already down in 2011. Had Hill’s victim not been able to take the punch like Rocky, Hill may have been charged with a felony, too. ...
  2. Wow. Apparently, all of the judges who gave Hill probation were LSU grads. Go figure. At least this writer had enough starch to call them out, including Miles. But then you see the first comment, and you're reminded that Louisiana doesn't do too well in the area of public education.
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  3. This is why TCU needs a law school :smile:
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  4. And why A&M just bought one?
  5. In before frog law comes in and rips you a new one for suggesting it
  6. If anyones hiring let me know, graduated with a high class rank, just sat for the Texas Bar...... Send me a PM.
  7. Good for this writer!  This type of "justice" does nothing for anyone.  That kid is going to continue thinking he can get away with bad behavior and when LSU is done with him, they will be done with him.  Lets hope he doesn't become the sad story by screwing up again and getting shut out of the NFL.
  8. Didn't know sheep needed lawyers.
  9. This might have been the most interesting part of the whole story...
  10. I think it was the same judge both times. She had also just recieved an award for distinguished LSU law center alum last year. Go figure.
    Sexual abuse compensation suits.
  12. Good luck!
  13. A prime example of Baton Rouge's self-serving criminal justice system in action.
  14. I love this quote at the end of the article:
    "Oh, and there’s this. During Hill’s apology, he said he was going “to continue to be a role model for the kids in the community.”"
    Stay classy, Hill, Miles, and LSU.

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