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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by don, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. Liked what I saw of Ellison, just hate to see him burn his redshirt. If we were 6-3 instead of 4-5 maybe I could understand.
  2. I wouldn’t mind saving Ellison’s eligibility as well. Our season sucks whether we beat TT and Western Virginia (lol on beating OU) and I don’t really care about another cheeze-it bowl. Certainly not enough to ruin a year of eligibility for a promising DL prospect.
  3. This is understandable from a fans perspective. But as a coach thinking about what's best for the entire team (especially the young guys) then making a bowl and getting those extra 15 practices is incredibly valuable.
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    Lose 1 (Blackshear) and have 1 committed (Sylvester)...Plant, Workman, Mathis, Ellison all with a ways to go in their careers. You really need for them to develop because finding a guy who can play next year is highly unlikely and those you have aren’t moving on any time soon.

    Not a lot of room for another DE unless he is close to a day 1 starter
  5. I don’t believe in redshirts anymore. I’m about development..If you think Ellison or anyone else is the future, then play the hell out of them. I’m over all the we are “young” and “inexperienced” excuses. Let’s get them ready to go for next year..
  6. I hear how valuable it is constantly and am not entirely convinced. Sometimes it’s more valuable to turn the page and get your ass in the weight room. See 2013 to 2014.
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  7. Winning games is always important. Maybe doesn’t seem like it at this point of a season like this but it is. It really matters more than anything else. Use whoever you need to use to win games, period. We’ve got another 2-3 years to find replacements when these guys move on, and there are no guarantees anyway. I hope to heck not but chances are Colt will suffer another injury somewhere down the road, use the redshirt then.
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  8. yeah, but losing a lot of games also plays a roll in recruiting.
  9. I see Workman dropping off into coverage a lot more than I would expect of a DE
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  10. Does it?
  11. If we lose to Tech and OU there's no reason to play him against WVU.

    We could always pull a UH; start next season 1-3, then decide redshirt Colt and Duggan. But that would require SMU to beat us 2 years in a row, which hasn't happened since 1993.
  12. Another consideration about redshirting kids now is that there's a decent chance they'll enter the portal after their redshirt junior year as grad transfers..
  13. Didn't we try that with Boesen, and discovered that a DE has trouble covering an RB on a wheel route.
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  14. Agree, and with the portal and early NFL exits, play 'em while you got 'em.

    EDIT: Westover beat me to it.
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  15. I think it does if happens over a large number of seasons but the up and downs probably don’t have that much impact.
  16. A couple extra weeks of weight lifting in December is probably NOT the thing that resulted in the improvement from 2013 to 2014.
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  17. What's a decent chance? 3%? 5%?

    If they're not playing then sure, they might leave. But how many guys have we seen transfer out that were actually starters or key backups?

    There are plenty of reasons not to redshirt players but the possibility that they might transfer in 3 or 4 years is not one of them.
  18. Imagine that. Why is that so hard to figure, and Boesen was pretty quick for a DE. Now, at present, forget it, but GP has a reason for it even though we get torched by it.
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  19. Right. Changing coaching staffs after missing a bowl probably had something to do with it. Get it?
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  20. Sure, if THAT is your reason for not wanting to make a bowl game then that's fine. That's just not what you were saying earlier.

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