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Texas Tech Press Conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by don, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. That was what I was referring to when I said turn the page.
  2. Yeah, and use the [ the old ricardo ]tail schticks!
  3. Yes. Because kids want to go winning programs. They want to get the spotlight games.
  4. Anybody who does not want this team to go to a bowl is nuts. That extra practice time is a huge value. We have rcvrs who break off routes too early, too late, run wrong routes, etc., and linemen no gelling. We need the time. Especially since we will, once again for the 5 year straight, be a "young team".
  5. Explain Texas then. And why TCU rankings haven’t dropped off over the past 4 years.

    I’ll hang up and listen.

    (I know your answers. I’m just trying to prove that your original statement was an exaggeration which was my point).
  6. Did I just read this? You would rather take an L to Texas Tech (and drop to 3-5 against them since joining the B12) so we can save a year of eligibility for Colt Ellison (No offense, Colt)?? We're not even talking about a QB here...
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  7. Because Texas is a program that gets the spot light and will make changes when they are not winning. TCU was ranked two years ago and in a conf championship. Then we dropped some spots after last season. And Texas is also the State's flagship. Yet it has had ups and downs in recruiting.
  8. It didn’t seem to help last year. Nor, would it appear, will it help with much of that as our receivers have been doing that for years now.
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  9. One ranked year fixes everything in your estimation?

    Let me ask it this way - we are getting the third highest recruiting class in the big 12 consistently now. If we won a conf championship or made the playoff do you really think we would be any higher than third going forward? My point being the losing seasons aren’t affecting us as much as you want to believe and winning will help but won’t jump us to the front of the line.

    We have one of the best rated classes incoming next year (based on average star rating - the only way to judge it) after two bad seasons. Where is the harm to the brand you fear?
  10. Kids suffer injuries that often cost them significant time... If you have a kid who can play right away, Why not save the RS as insurance against those injury moments
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  11. That's what we did with Pro Wells last year and because of it, it looks like we will have a productive player for two more years instead of one. Seems more important than him getting minutes against Baylor and the CheeZe-It bowl but maybe that is more important to you. If a DE is the difference in beating tech and West Virginia, we suck even worse than I thought.
  12. big difference in deciding not playing pro wells when the frog passing game was a trainwreck to begin will and sitting colt when the frogs may not have more than 2 healthy defensive ends
  13. Again, I don't really care if we end the season with 5 wins or 6 wins. The worse it is, the more likely we see change.
  14. so by throwing the towel in on the defensive side of the ball you hope to see changes on the offensive side of the ball?
  15. Why are you arguing just to argue. I don't give a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] about the rest of the season. A worse record increases the likelihood that changes are made. Disagree?
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  16. not arguing to argue, but trying to understand the logic.
  17. The logic is that if we finish 4-8, changes will be made. Not the worst case scenario in my mind. And would rather have Colt Ellison eligible for an extra full season (perhaps even one that matters) than the last three games of the year in a season in which, no matter how we finish, is an extreme disappointment. I get that we only have one DE. What I would like to avoid is only having one DE three years from now when it might matter since Joe Brady will be calling plays for us by then, all thanks to the fact that we went 4-8 instead of 6-6.
  18. the frogs also would have 3 recruiting classes to deal with any shortage at defensive end so let colt play and i wouldn't hold my breath on joe brady coming to tcu in the off season
  19. Theoretically we've had the last 3 classes to deal with shortages at LB and DE, yet here we are.
  20. that's what you get at linebacker when you have a grad assistant who can't leave campus to recruit for a couple of years, but things have been better the past two years at linebacker

    not sure what happened at defensive end, but have thoughts and they aren't going to be resolved holding colt out this year

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