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Texas Tech Press Conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by don, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. Chicken pot pie, corn, salad, COOKIES.
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  2. No hot toddies?
    Only 35 out there....
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  3. This should be entertaining.
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  4. Another week. Tech is kind of same situation, fighting to get bowl eligible. they had big W vs W Va.

    Wells? He's done a great job. Brother also on staff. Good recruiter.

    Tech O? skilled Wrs, big up front. They go fast because they don't sub. play better in Lubbock. 30s at start of kick off.

    Fair Catch kick offs? we have been good with that group before.

    Max? i don't think finger had anything to do with it. it was against a good D.
  5. Baylor D - We mIssed some plays need to catch balls, both teams were playing good on D. they do what Iowa St does with Texas speed.

    SEC needs to take notes on 3 man front and how to slow LSU.

    Mathis - light went on. Ran out of gas. played too many plays. We need to do a better job of rotating.

    Wilson first start - he wont start this week but will play. we match up wallow to where he will be successful.

    Wells drop? think it was a sun deal. not to make any excuses. been sure handed, good athlete, good size. we are better on O when he makes plays.

    Jalen more involved? have to have someone on other side. he had a few chances. some were tough but catchable.

    Tomlinson? played good. he's a competitor. went out with a injury. think he will play.

    Scott will be back. we saw Van Zandt will be a really good player. not sure he will be back the rest of the year (LZV).
  6. Must be having issues with the translation.
  7. Missed where he's going to burn Colt Ellison's redshirt on this abomination of a season.
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  8. Offense at game 9? frustrating. QB is a freshman. I think its poor taste to fire someone in middle of season. not saying I will. We need to win ball games and then look at where everything sits.

    If you want kids to trust you, you won't talk about them before everyone else.

    I don't think people understand pressure on kids. 3rd parties, social media.

    always taught our kids to tell the truth (Cordel about 1st and goal from 1).
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  9. Except when they post things like their last game because of surgery..
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  10. kids coming off field after making mistake, change over years? not most of them. I think we have good kids and chemistry. Except Iowa State, close losses. like 13 season. we are in season where more conference games are on road.
  11. how do you reconcile these comments with what he said about Niang
  12. Game plan held to our guns, were getting pressure on their QB from line.
  13. Always wondered how the coaching room is when it's to the point where you kind of know changes are coming soon. Gotta be incredibly hard to do your job in that situation.
  14. ArDarius - a little banged up. not as fast or big, he just makes plays. loves the game. they are infectious. he needs to learn to process and communicate. his role will keep growing.

    What i like about fresh/rfresh class - they really like football.
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  15. 2013 - I really liked coaching. hopefully we can win a few more games.

    MAx - winning is important. went back into locker room and he was still there after game.

    Max - probably doesn't play if Collins doesn't get hurt or if Shawn stays. Justin wasn't ready. I've had several coaches we play say your QB is going to be very good. You can't teach the drive.
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    Sonny - recruited him and Baldwin. You have to be careful what you wish for. Boykin wasn't a good QB till his junior/senior season.

    We have always made good decisions. We don't make rash decisions. Change is change, doesn't mean that will make you better. At this point, you do what you need to do to win.
  17. What was he wishing for?
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  18. I’d imagine He’s getting the calls from people saying to fire Sonny and he’s trying to defend Sonny in order to keep house in order and get to a bowl
  19. think he was referencing fans wanting changes on the offensive staff during the season.
  20. GP is also well aware of what making staff changes could do to this recruiting class...It plays a roll...If anything happens to SC, it will be on the other side of early signing day
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