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  1. stand by.
  2. Week 11 for us. Tough place to play. Good FB team vastly improved on D. Could have won a couple of more games. QB played well. Good skill players.

    We have 4-6 probable or questionable.

    Kenny Hill
    Anderson - out for year.
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    Hill - little bit better today. May need 2012 Baylor game with Boykin. Get ready to go,

    Robinson - 1s and 2s takes same amount of reps in practice.

    Boesen - if i had been him, i would have done the same thing. its our job to protect kids.
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  4. Yikes
  5. Not sure why GP even brings up injuries if he’s not willing to go into any details.
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    Our job is to protect kids. Two guys went after him (Boesen). We cut on counters. That's the way we play it. he can play first half this week. Tech one game away from bowl eligibility.
  7. Coaches tape must have been bad. Thanks refs
  8. Everyone else has been effected by injuries.

    You want to win two games. Its hard to get to that ball game (championship). You'd like to end regular season with 10 wins.

    We have enough players to win a ballgame.

    SR - He's a freshman. Played in clean up. Would rather be at home. He has played in a lot of big ball games. Won state title.
  9. I think that its more of a privacy act issue rather than his not wanting to say.

    Could be wrong, though
  10. Hill was somewhat injured? When, how?

    Oh and now he sticks up for Boesen, great...
  11. OU in CFP? - very athletic. people think we don't play d in our league. when we get to bowl games, they find out. We didn't play very well in first half. We had some kids that didn't play well (in that environment) that had before. Played better in 2nd half after we cleared the fog.
  12. I disagree. He is WAY more secretive about revealing any info than most coaches.
  13. He couldn't have backed Boesen right after the game. That would have been a terrible look and he'd have rightfully been torched for it.
  14. So we are looking at possibly SR starting? OK then.
  15. Told they talk. Kliff, Meacham, WV.

    This should be a fun one.

    Gladney didn't know he would play until Saturday.
    Could be game day decisions? Yes.

    Darius play bowl game? No.

    Kicker situation affect travel squad? No. Not this time of season.

    4 games and still redshirt. (would be) a great rule if we get it passed. sometimes kids could help late in season when not ready early. doesn't put kids in harms way.
  16. Not at all excited about going into Lubbock without Hill, Howard and Small. That sounds like a certain L to me if they can't go.
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  17. never been a now or never guy. Going into Baylor game, moved TB back to QB from RB. We scored 48 vs Baylor with a week of practice. He was redshirt freshmen. Only ones that hold people back are adults.

    If all play, great. If not, next guy needs to be ready.

    SR - will be playing in next 2/3 games and bowl game to revamp our offense.

    Sometimes guy step up that you never knew would. If its his time, we will find out.
  18. TCU injury bug makes this game even more dicey
  19. You don't know the level when they finally get it. sometimes its as a freshmen, sometimes its a senior. Way he sleeps, works out, eats etc.

    If you think its like North Dallas 40, you can't do that.
  20. A certain L? Seems a little extreme
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