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  1. Yeah, another big game on ESPN+. Aint our Athletic dept grand?
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  2. Because our athletic department had a say in that...
  3. Did they not? I would think all the athletic departments had to give some kind approval before they moved to this.
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  4. They said you are on ESPN+ deal with it.
    Just like during football season when they said you are playing at 11 a.m.
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  5. Players wearing black t-shirts with Kobe 8 on the front and Bryant 24 on the back.
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  6. Doug Meacham sighting...
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  7. UT has its own network, getting paid by ESPN millions of dollars a year. I figured it’d just be on there?
  8. Technically the conference has a vote on what contract they choose. And thus each school has a vote.

    I assume the conference, and schools, vote for what makes the most money, viewership be damned
  9. Could be traffic but man there is very little burnt orange here
  10. We took the ESPN+ deal because it's more money and it's the closest we will ever get to a conference network.

    Pay the 5 scheissin bucks a month.
  11. No.
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  12. Seriously
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  13. How the hell do these college players travel so much?
  14. You watch their game vs LSU in Austin? The place was empty.
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  15. No I didn’t. But we probably have more alums here than in ATX
  16. It's like they're saying "Just watch the games on TV ... it's cheaper."
  17. 10-14 12:38 left in first half.
  18. Planes and buses, mostly.
  19. They have a contract with ABC/ESPN
    doubt they have much of a say on what channel they will be on
  20. Texas 5-5 from the 3 point line to start. Ugh.

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