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TCU vs Cal - NCAA Regionals - Friday Game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TooColdU, May 31, 2019.

  1. Love how the announcer keeps talking about how good the SEC is
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  2. Live was the correct view. If by near perfect play you mean running to the bag and making the tag...yes, it was perfect.
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  3. How many pitches?
  4. Hesitated around second which should have been an automatic stop by him. Even if he didn’t hesitate I don’t think he would make it.
  5. Williamson 58 through three.
  6. Woohoo, looking good. How many Es so far?
  7. Yeah this is brutal.

    The last team in the tourney is outperforming expectations through 3 innings. That’s really all there is to say at this point.
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  8. Does this announcer know that A&M is in the SEC?
  9. Remember what channel you are watching this on.
  10. The color commentator played at Arkansas
  11. Doesn’t fit the narrative he’s spewing
  12. Need Horn out of here this inning or next.
  13. This game is slow...both pitchers have used up a bunch of throws.

    We have been fortunate to score two runs.
  14. Cal pitcher started the four having thrown 67 pitches.
  15. That kid on the first base side is eating a huge slice of pizza. Snackwards cam possibility.
  16. How is Cal’s bullpen?
  17. Two solid uniforms tonight IMO with the exception of that strange thigh stripe on the Bears' pants.
  18. Horn hopefully goes only 1 more. Having some pretty good at bats against him. Watson hit that ball to end the inning pretty well too
  19. I really like the colors on the sleeves and neck on the cal unis.
  20. The stripe looks like Baylor football pants.

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