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TCU vs Cal - NCAA Regionals - Friday Game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TooColdU, May 31, 2019.

  1. Jake is one tough kid. Kudos to him.
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  2. Cal is starting their ace, Jared Horn.

    1.82 ERA
    69.1 IP
    56 Ks
    18 BBs
    48 Hits
    18 Runs, 14 earned.
  3. Is this game televised?
  4. Only on the ESPN or Watch ESPN app.

    The radio broadcast is about 4 pitches ahead of the ESPN broadcast.
  5. Let’s go frogs!
  6. Lots of pitches for this guy already
  7. Frogs lead!

    Wolfe scores on an errant throw to 3rd by the catcher after trying to steal 3rd.

    Henry strikes out after having a 3-0 count.

    Rizer grounds out.

    Cal pitcher already at 26 pitches after 1.
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  8. I’ll take it. Wish we could have brought Jake home, but 1-0 lead and lots of pitches for their ace isn’t a bad start.

    Let’s go get a quick inning BW!
  9. ESPN 3 not working for me, and can't find game on DirecTV.
  10. At least one of those strikes should have been ball 4.
  11. I agree. The 2nd strike was questionable.
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  12. ESPN 3 means it’s not on TV. You have to stream.
  13. Correct, the stream errors out stating "there was an error that prevented this video from playing"
  14. Williamson retires Cal in order. Great shutdown inning. Going to the 2th, Frogs lead 1-0
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  15. Just keep trying or reset your system. It does that every once in a while but will then work.

    Just happened to me but now I’m watching
  16. Victory. My stream is now working.
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  17. Going to the tooth? No one ever says that. I can appreciate!
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  18. haha wow I'm all over the place today. Thankfully I have you guys to help keep me in line.

    Top of 2nd,
    Hump strikes out on 10 pitches.
    Keefer walks, Keefer to 2nd on balk, to 3rd on a passed ball.
    Shepherd strikes out. (frustrating)
    Oviedo HBP on a full count.
    Watson grounds out.

    Disappointing to not get a run that inning, but their pitcher is already at 53 pitches after 2 innings.
  19. Another runner on third one out. Can't bring him home

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