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TCU vs. Baylor now 'officially' known as "The Bluebonnet Battle"


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Ugh, terrible IMHO. Generic. Blah. I liked "The Revivalry," but if that *had* to go, surely something better could have been found if just a small amount of imagination had been applied.

Here is one of a number of announcement stories you can find on the web:



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Don't they shoot guns in battles? Or fight battles to suppress slave revolts? This all seems prohibitively triggering. Also, guns have triggers, which is triggering. And women in less emancipated eras wore bonnets, to signify that they were women, make themselves look nice, and such. That's also unacceptable.
Knew I was uncomfortable with the name at my core. Thanks for verbalizing my pain.
The Bluebonnet Battle trophy is a circular battle shield, hand-forged in steel by Baylor alumnus Bryant Stanton of Stanton Studios in Waco, Texas. Additional facts:

The face of the shield features:
  • The logos of both universities;
  • An outline of the State of Texas adorned with Bluebonnets on either side and boldly displaying the rivalry’s official name; and
  • The year 1899, when Baylor and TCU first met on the gridiron.
The trophy is two-and-a-half feet wide and rests in a mesquite wooden base, embellished with the lone star of Texas.


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