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  1. Worth noting, frogs shot 80% from the stripe.
  2. That charge on NOI was so bad. He dished it off before contact and the defender turned into him and took a dive. Absolute no call under any scenario. Think the ref was trying to keep it close.
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  4. I believe that was because smew played five men out most of the time and Samuel and Alok just aren’t good defenders on the perimeter. They crashed the boards, which is a bit concerning, but they had to because they couldn’t shoot a lick in the second half.
  5. I like that.
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  7. And the last sport SMU could horde over us is GONE! scheiss SMU.
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  8. Only saw the last 10 minutes but the Frogs looked good down the stretch. Made FT’s, got stops and defensive rebounds, made key 3’s or passed the ball inside for easy buckets. We have two legit PG’s which is a recipe for a run in the Big 12 tournament and NCAA tourney. That’s a long way off but if we stay heathy this could be an exciting year.

    Go Frogs
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  9. But also worth noting that all but one FT attempt was by Miller, 7-9, the rest of team 1-1. Nice to see improvement by him, but not a broad sample
  10. Let us now stand and sing the Doxology.
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  11. How did you know not to watch the first half?
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  12. Oh, you should read this thread from the beginning. THEN you'll know just what a big boatload of suckage this team really is!
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  13. I like the idea of going small. Fisher, Noi, and Bane waiting to shoot a three ball while Alex and JD don’t is a great mix, and harder to cover than when Alex, JD, and Samuel are in.

    There’s a reason we out scored them by so much with the small lineup. Open shooters, and JD not firing from three land.
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. he was smart because that 20 minutes was some pretty ugly basketball on both sides

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