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  1. on ESPNNews
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  2. Go frogs!!
  3. Why is SMU wearing the dark jerseys at home?
  4. SMU crowd really into this one. On ESPN news.
  5. Is it just me or does the rims look really werid on TV?
  6. SMU is gay
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  7. Nice kick ball to save a SMU possession
  8. SMU flying to the ball. Very active. Look athletic.

    TCU needs to settle down and weather the storm.
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  9. Our team thinks so too
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  10. SMU turning the ball over at will. If we settle down we will be fine
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  11. VCU beat UT by 1 pt
  12. Hahahahahahahahahhhahhha
  13. Alok needs to start ripping the rim off on plays like that. Soft.
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  14. Game is on ESPNU now.
  15. Weak ass flagrant call on Miller.
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  16. We are moving our feet well on defense. Don’t see much reaching at all. Refs calling it differently though
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  17. SMU has theater lights. [ What the heck? ].
  18. Two man thread, plus Quilter! Think everyone’s hanging out in the HASMSP thread.
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  19. That Whitt Jr kid hasn’t one of the weirdest looking shots I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t look like the Ball kid from Lakers, but on that same weird level.
  20. Really hope this isn’t a off night for Noi. He’s firing but not much dropping

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