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  1. i am not sure if dixon has been designing the football teams pass plays or cumbie had been designing the basketball team's inbound plays, but they both look familiar
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  2. Poorly coached team relative to inbounding
  3. Jesus. Put Davis in. Impossible to cover him.
  5. No crossing routes?
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  6. Been a problem since opening night.
  7. Last year too we just threw it up to Vlad or Williams
  8. Saving all the good plays for conference
  9. Only a 13.5 hour drive to Minneapolis.
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  10. Wasn’t pretty but we beat SMU.....again! W.
  11. Great job Frogs
  12. Hell of a win considering how we got down 10 in the first half. I won’t even talk about the officials but that was a good road win
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  13. I know SMU pulled out all the stops to win this game but failed. Good win Frogs.
  14. Whew, that last two minutes felt like an eternity.
  15. Can’t wait til Friday!!
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  16. Interesting we went "small" most of the game without Samuels or Alok in, and got out rebounded 41-31, giving up 20 Offensive rebounds.
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  17. And they cut away with Lat laying on the ground laughing at Hunt getting dunked on. Suck it ponies
  18. positives are effort, fisher and noi showing nice outside game, team didn't get frustrated, low turnover numbers, and defense got better as game progressed

    areas that need work are rebounding, inbound plays, and getting rid of off balance shots

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