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TCU TECH Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WhiteHispanicFrog, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. We suck bad! All phases sucking again. Now our team is back!
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  2. Top notch defense, Top Notch!!!!!
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  3. Our head coach is a defensive master. Womp womp.
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  4. Can you say Keystone Kops? Such a cluster-scheiss
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  5. mutliple holds missed on the tech line, but that was such bad tackling by the tcu defense it was comica

    oh, yeah, isn't this where i supposed to say go tech according to lvh?
  6. Wow. From 21-3 to this. I haven't been this frustrated by a Frog bunch since '04.
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  7. This season is so frustrating.
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  8. Pretty impressive performance Gary.
  9. Will this be GP’s first loss where he was up by 17, and end up losing by 17?
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  10. Not looking good now
  11. Game. I can't watch this top 20 defense. Down 17 and they have the lead. Pitiful.
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  12. This team is so poor at the fundamentals. So many assistants should be fired after this season. Both sides of the ball.
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  13. Disgusting, blown coverages time and time again.
  14. This team is so poorly coached. If not for Duggan there’s no telling how bad we would be. Pathetic pathetic pathetic!!!
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  15. Three touchdowns after awful special team's play.
  16. remember 17-0 and 24-3.
    As they said there are 47 freshmen on TCU but still. 24-3
    Sad, so sad
  17. I would rather they face Bowman. Duffy just eats them up.
  18. News flash cumbie thry are going to blitz. May want to save your job and exploit the blitzes
  19. If we don’t win this game I think Cumbie will be gone. The defensive disaster we are watching now will be the reason we don’t win this game.
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  20. Our coaching staff sucks.

    I have never called for a re-evaluation of LHCGP, but if I was Donati, I would tell him he needs to restructure his staff or go look for another job.
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