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TCU TECH Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WhiteHispanicFrog, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. What the scheiss?
  2. No special teams coach still killing us!
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  3. Our blocking schemes must have DC's licking their chops.
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  4. Fart and fall down offense
  5. Another reason for a special teams coach.
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  6. I was about to mention how he wont cut dead weight. Spartans everywhere now hoping he retires.
  7. A screen or QB draw would be nice once in a while
  8. Man......our P1 is so frustrating
  9. RB and WR blocking is non existent

    Sewo is charmin soft
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  10. I guess there isn’t a play designed to beat a blitz. Jordan Sandy...what the hell.
  11. We need such a assistant coach house cleaning.
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  12. Did our guys think he called fair catch?
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  13. Finding a way to lose!
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  14. At least we tried to roll him out to alleviate some pressure. Man, the o-line is porous.
  15. No way, Cumbie is the bear because of 1 good quarter. /sc
  16. It's all slipping away now. Total team scheiss-up. This team is so frustrating!!!
  17. Specials teams is an ironic name for whatever TCU is doing on punts and kickoffs.
  18. Rare to see someone under kick the coverage
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  19. O line is just bad. Wonder how it will he next year?
  20. BS. We’ve made several adjustments including early flat reads and max protect and rolling pockets but if you can’t at least chip someone it ain’t gonna work. Doesn’t help when you take your best blocking FB out because he false started
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