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TCU @ OU Game Thread (Nov 23, 2019)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. DL getting man handled now
  2. Mathis needs to stop crying and flailing around everytime he gets held.
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  3. check your sarcasm detector....you forgot to change the batteries at the end of daylight savings time
  4. I guess we pissed then off enough!
  5. Hurts with his best Duggan impression and powers his way into the endzone for an 8 yard TD
  6. What a great defensive effort.
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  7. Really Gary?
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  8. XP is good. 28-17
  9. I was afraid they’d go back to an ‘outman us’ game.
  10. Nice work GP
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  11. They just gashed us through the air on that drive
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  12. Way to be a team player. Me too. And then I talk positively and we go back to sucking!
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  13. I’m pretty sure he was in, but do we not even review that?
  14. 6 play, 66-yard drive.
  15. Lincoln just gave GP a big scheiss you.
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  16. Terrible defensive series. Good god.
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  17. Seriously? Against the best offense in football. Go back to your cave troll.
  18. Typical of this season. Team gives us hope, team allows hope to slip through its fingers like water.
  19. Defense embarrassing once again. Wallow getting truck like an old lady wondering across the freeway
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  20. OU with a swift kick to the nuts of our D.

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