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TCU opens +2.5

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by DelFrog, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. They got the Liberty Bowl spread wrong.

    Mizzou is the favorite. The spread is at -8 now.

    The only SEC teams not favored are Kentucky and Florida.
  2. Oklahoma State (-7.5) vs. No. 23 Missouri – Liberty Bowl

    The Ok St/Missouri line should be reversed, it's OSU +7.5.
  3. Pokes without Hill and Larry Williams for their bowl game
  4. Obviously, a cleverly formulated and diabolical ploy to induce a state of overconfidence among Cal players. :rolleyes:
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  5. Being an underdog works for GP's narrative (chip on ones shoulder.) That's good, I thing.

    I imagine that with the Nevada proximity to Cali that the odds makers see some easy money of hommies to satisfy their egos by "giving away" a few points. I believe the number crunchers will take the points and skew the betting towards the Frogs.
  6. I could have worded it better, yes, but I think everyone knew what I was saying.

    The fact that Muehlstein is playing due to Collins’ injury
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  7. Cal led the PAC 12 with 17 ints. We'll need balance for the passing game to be effective... that's if the OL gets it together..
  8. this has tcu-michigan state written all over it. hopefully, different outcome.

    it'll be unwatchable, but gp will be pleased.
  9. Son of a [ hundin]..... somebody better go check on Muehl.
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  10. Don’t care if we throw 17 interceptions in one game. Let Muehl air it out
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  11. Kinda where I’m at. Let the kids have some fun. If we’re being honest the result of this game is close to meaningless.

    Edit.... that game thread would be awesome.
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  12. Based on the Texas Bowl thread, no one is going so I’d imagine that game thread will be much more active than usual. More cliff jumpers, should be epic.
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  13. I was there for that Liberty Bowl game. Brutal
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  14. Cal's starting qb only started the 1st game. After that, 2 different qb's split time. One of them - McIlwain - was very exciting and seemed to have won the job but over three losses against Oregon, Arizona, and UCLA he had 11 turnovers. Since then, the boring guy - Garbers - has been at quarterback

    Garbers does not see the field well, lacks confidence, is prone to running for it on 3rd down in vain, has no accuracy on longer throws, and has largely been unsuccessful in moving the team down the field. But he protects the ball well, at least compared to the exciting guy.
  15. Sounds like whichever team can manage A touchdown will win.
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  16. FIFY. Cal has 5 defensive touchdowns which have directly resulted in 3 wins.

    I think having Muehl air it out is the opposite of what you want to do. Control the ball. Set up some nice plays for Reagor. Score 20 and you'll get the win.
  17. similar to that god forsaken bowl game versus michigan state that got decided by a bad punt return decision
  18. Typical Pac-12/Big 12 game. Lots of running and ball control, rely on your defense. 20 points will win it.
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  19. If it comes down to special teams we're screwed.
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  20. Might be first to double-digits
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