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TCU opens +2.5

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by DelFrog, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Quick pass through and I think every SEC team is favored in their game. 8 game schedule and they set their own bowl schedule - they are doing it right.
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  2. Wow...figured we’d be -3 or so.
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  3. CGP lobbied to be the underdog. Duh...
  4. The thing I saw showed it was a pick em
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  5. I trust Ron on point spreads
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  6. Sagarin says we should be -5 or so.
  7. Here is what I saw ...

    I don’t know the accuracy of this vs what the OP posted though.

    I do know that if either of these lines is accurate, the bookmakers are taking our injuries (most notably Muehlstein) heavily into consideration. Just going by the Sagarin rankings, we should be about 4 point favorite. So they’re saying that external variables are worth 4-6 points.
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  8. Wouldn't be surprised at all for us to be a slight dog with all the injuries, especially at QB. We're one hit away from Reagor taking direct snaps every play.

    That said, Cal is extremely beatable. They may actually have a worse offense than we do, even with all our injuries. We'll probably be looking at a game like we had against KSU or ISU. I don't bet on games but if I did then I'd probably take whichever team is getting points.
  9. Let Muehl air it out, 40-50 passes, throw it all over the place
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  10. Spread’s already moved to a pick em. Worries me a little. Never trust Vegas when they beg for TCU money like that.
  11. Pick Em usually indicates indecision on players in the game, does it not?
  12. That worked alright vs. OSU
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  13. Muehl isnt hurt
  14. We opened at -1.5, not sure where the +2.5 is coming from
  15. Also need to pay attention to who might not make grades and be ineligible for both teams. It happens to everyone.

    Go Frogs
  16. Did Cal have a bunch of injuries? They lost to UCLA (3-9), Zona (5-7), Oregon (8-4), Wazzu (10-2), and Stanford (8-4), yet they beat Washington (10-2).
    Seems like a real up and down team.
  17. And skip a bowl to get ready for the draft.
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    The game currently listed as a pick.

    O/U at 41
  19. We must be looking at different lines, because here is what I see in the games the SEC chose (i.e. not CFP/NY6 games).

    Vanderbilt (-2.5) vs. Baylor – Texas Bowl

    Auburn (-3.5) vs. Purdue – Music City Bowl

    No. 10 Florida vs. No. 7 Michigan (-6)

    Oklahoma State (-7.5) vs. No. 23 Missouri – Liberty Bowl

    N.C. State vs. No. 19 Texas A&M (-5.5) – Gator Bowl

    Iowa vs. No. 18 Mississippi State (-6.5) – Outback Bowl

    No. 14 Kentucky vs. No. 12 Penn State (-7) – Citrus Bowl

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