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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. What is going to go into the renovated Sadler Hall?
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  2. Honors College. Freeing up more space in Scharbauer for AddRan.
  3. Yeah, why don't they call it "The Mike'? He's a great guy from Midland, and "Mike" is what he goes by.
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  4. Sid Rich And Win Scott looking drearier by the day...
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  5. Man if I was going back now I probably wouldn't be a science major to avoid Sid Rich. Seeing the new business building etc. might be enough to influence me. Late nights studying for Geo labs in Sid Rich still gives me nightmares.
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  6. It needs to be leveled.
  7. Sid Rich has a lot of architectural value and history, so I'd be in favor of more of a deep reno than a leveling but neither looks right on campus vs. all the other buildings these days.
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  8. I get that to a point. That argument was one of the reasons Scharbauer Hall was meeting minutes away from never being built (eg. just a reno Brown-Lupton). Glad we did though.

    My counter point would be TCU builds right. It's classy. Timeless. Elegant. If it were going to be half-assed, I would agree to renovate. But whatever we would put there would be first class.
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  9. Whenever the time comes to do a deep overhaul of winton-Scott, the facade can be updated pretty easily. Sid Rich is always going to be there and always going to be different. But I think it works.

    Really, the whole east side of campus has a more diverse architectural palette. You’ve got the mid-century elements in Winton-Scott, the uniqueness of Sid Rich, the more “new traditional” look of the library, new business building, Bass addition, and new FAB. Then you’ve got the 80s elements of Tandy. The modern elements of Tucker and Smith (with its weird marble side). Moudy is unique. The chapel/Brite have their own style. And the new Music building is in a style of its own.

    I like that they’ve mixed it up over there. Main campus has a mostly consistent architectural theme. Athletics has its vintage Art Deco style. Worth Hills has its own theme. And east campus is where things are a little more mixed and interesting. It works.
  10. Sid Rich looks awful from the outside and needs a Chip and Joanna Gaines update to the exterior at a minimum. It looks awful. I wish I was the Acme brick salesperson after that deal closed. He probably never worked another day in his life.
  11. They could haul an old rusted out feed silo from Kosse to lean up against it and throw some shiplap around.
  12. This has been discussed before, but does anyone know the current situation with the white house in front of the new admin building? That surely won’t stay there forever. Obviously the owner dug his/her heels in.
  13. Older couple. TCU has offered them the universe and they have no interest in leaving their home.

    Eventually TCU will have the opportunity to pay way too much for that small piece of real estate.
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  14. I’m truly surprised it has lasted this long but it has primarily because TCUs data center and servers were located in that building. I think that they have since moved them to Pond Street.
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  15. Wonder if it ever bothers that "older couple" knowing how many, many, many people are wishing the Lord would call them home.
  16. Some before and afters of campus, between Feb 2000 and September 2019 (most recent Google Earth imagery)



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  17. Has the old house in front of the new “Henderson” building finally been removed?
  18. I have been & remain the Committee of One asking & begging anyone with TCU in their duty title to please KEEP the Sadler lobby AS IS with no changes as a historical part of our University’s legacy.
  19. isn’t there a big university seal in that room? Maybe in the floor?
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  20. Yes indeed

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