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TCU Construction Updates

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. (Psst: Cat Lady, Crazy)
  2. It seems like they spent a bunch of time and money renovating the east side. I’m not quite sure why they made it edible for CFB fans. Do I need to start playing video games in order to get a taste?
  3. Yeah! You'd think that with that schedule, at those prices, they'd find a more suitable construction materiel than Gingerbread!
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  4. Thanks.
  5. OAP = ?
  6. Old assed person
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  7. Noted
  8. True story: while I was serving in Europe 97 to 2000 I was temporarily stationed in Stuttgart Germany. In the suburb of Stuttgart is the suburb of Vaihingen, where one of the old post World War II army barracks still is. A fellow officer I was serving with there told me once that they wanted to install an additional telephone line into an office that did not previously have one. In order to do so per Army regulation you had to go dig up the original blueprints of the building before doing any kind of modification. When the young officer went to the civil engineers building to dig up the blueprints he noted in the bottom corner that the building had been designed and constructed in accordance with the orders of Albert Speer.
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  9. Since we are still bereft of sports could we get an update on all current construction projects on campus? I walked past the music building a few days ago and noticed the groundskeepers were working on sprinklers which I assume is one of the last things to be done before grass is installed? Also is worth hills completely done? And is there any update on when East side club will be totally completely done done?
  10. I went by the stadium today and it looks like they’re basically done. Bricks and landscaping back in place on frog alley and all the construction feces have been removed
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    Haven’t been on this thread in a while so sorry if already covered, but ate at Dutch’s yesterday and was surprised to see the Hyatt Place building framework basically completed except for the exterior /interior finish. Bad timing for them but a much needed addition IMO.
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  12. That revolting orange/pink colored exterior is slowly being covered with a nice TCU brick cover, looks so much better. But I've been told that there's so much interior work to do that the opening couldn't possibly be before any possible football season begins (if there ever is one). Maybe by the time they finish construction the crisis will be over, you think?
  13. yea didn’t really inspect but just looks like frame and weather wrap at this point. I am sure they are nowhere near done. Maybe they could open the roof bar early.
  14. just for the sake of clarification which crisis? covid? racism in america? cumbie's play calling? 40M americans unemployed? trump tweeting? lvh's posts? asleep's posts? tyler's posts? the lack of sock puppets in the gif's used on this site? anderson and sharp still being employed by tcu? the lack of diced onions at baseball games?
  15. Pick one.
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  16. You named them all.
  17. He forgot murder hornets.
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  18. So, it's possible I didn't lose my brick? It used to be near Gate-8.
  19. Guess they removed all the porta-potties too soon?
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  20. Lol my bad

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