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TCU Construction Updates

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jan 13, 2014.

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  2. With all that was going on, it was "interesting" to hear that, according to our AD, 2,828,000 screws were involved in the East Stadium project.
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  3. Close but didn’t quite break my long standing TCU record.
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  4. Still see plenty of men on high reach machines working brick on East side. Is there an updated completion dates for East side, music, Admin, etc.?
  5. Also looks like they're working on the area we call Frog Alley, moving dirt around, etc. And wonder if all the bricks with names/classes/etc on them will be coming back.
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  6. They are.
  8. Excellent! I was certain that they had crushed the "Long live the University Pub!" block out in front of the East Side entrance...
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  9. What I’ve learned the last couple pages:

    I REALLY hope we never have a 60k seat stadium. Also anyone hiring?
  10. Long, long term recovery from the missing 2020 season will likely mean the end of any stadium expansion at any school which is able to revive its athletic programs....
  11. Trying to recall from smewhere in '81-'83, SWEAT v. UT (or some name from there) about the first black student to attend their law school...the US Supreme Court cited with approval, plaintiff's argument that he'd be missing out on the old-boy network unless he personally was on campus.
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  12. Yeah, but how much grindering?
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  13. But only a few screwdrivers, which explains the delays
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  14. Sweatt v. Painter, decided in the late '40's. One direct result was the lege founding a law school at Texas Southern University, the "separate but equal" law school. UTx may have had the only public law school in Texas before TSU's came on line.

    Another story that sounds like urban legend but I assume is not, because it was told to a group of law students at a Scholtz Garten happy hour by the late, great Prof. Charles Alan Wright, was that new law student Heman Sweatt (yup, that's how his name is spelled -- it's now blazoned on the main Travis County Courthouse) likely received the best education that any UTx law student ever enjoyed.

    Mr. Sweatt was admitted to law school, but not allowed in class on campus. How that was pulled off, I have no idea. So class came to Mr. Sweatt. One-on-one tutoring, off campus, by UTx law faculty.

    Prof. Wright was definitely capable of pulling law students' legs, to use an old expression. But he told this story with a serious, straight face.
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    Walked around campus today & stadium is coming along.
  16. When will Music be done?
  17. Music ended around 2007.
  18. 47AECBF3-6ACE-428B-899D-6516DE788C79.jpeg E043BD95-A5E5-45E6-B36E-61600FE41414.jpeg
    And here’s the music building
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  19. I thought it died long before that.
  20. You're right, Purp, the music died on Feb. 3, 1959. That's when Buddy Holly and his friends died in a plane crash. (As per Don McLean and his American Pie in 1971.)
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