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TCU Arkansas Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bendover28, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. You must not have seen the twerking video in the other thread.
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  2. Piggy fans were surprisingly cordial and appreciative after the game. Lots of respect for the Frogs.
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  3. I know.
  4. Thats how they were up there at the regional in 2019. There's always one drunk [ Arschloch] but just about everybody else was real friendly. They were good hosts.
  5. /Batter was called out for passing the runner, thus no force out at second
  6. Excellent first post rcheek. Makes sense to me except that the official scorer posted this:

    F7 Opitz King 0
    Wallace reached on a fielder's choice (2-2 BKFB); Slavens out at second lf to ss to 2. FC 6-4

    If it had been ruled a passing runner the batter would have received a hit and the put out would have presumably been awarded to Gene Wood as the closest player to the passing (assuming that because I obviously wasn’t there). Not saying you are wrong because it makes complete sense to me given the situation but someone should have informed the official scorer.
  7. If Byrne isn't behind the plate tonight I will be stunned. Humphries is lost behind the plate
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  8. Agree 100%. He still can't hit. Many times he can't catch the pitch. I recall one throw about 15 wide of second.

    That said, who can hit on this team? We can't even hit a ground out when the other team is giving us a run.
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  9. In all fairness, we faced three top 9 teams this weekend, each basically having a full staff with no injury issues (because its early in the season). This was a stress test, and allows us to evaluate our deficiencies.
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  10. Miss St was missing their #2 and #3 starting pitchers both of whom are probable top 3 round picks.
  11. Our hitting will improve. That was a bunch of really good pitchers to go up against in your first games. Last week with no practice did not help.
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  12. Yeah I'll hold off too much until the end of this coming weekend. If we don't score absolute minimum 20 runs over the next four games, I'll be worried at that point.

    Possibly just as disappointed that King and Green gave up four runs in the 7th and 8th.
  13. Thank goodness...

    Moose, how long until we scrap the 5th/6th year seniors and go total youth movement in the field? Might take some lumps early with that but has to pay off later in the year and especially next year....
  14. I would leave Hump in tonight to see how he does at the plate. Sometimes all it takes is one hit to get things going. Texas Southern gave up 30 runs to Houston over the weekend. If he struggles again tonight then it might be time to see what Byrne can do this weekend.
  15. Four straight days of catching this earlier might be rough on Hump.
    How about playing him at DH?
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  16. Jeez I guess that means their #1 must be pretty decent
  17. If he catches again tonight I’ll take it as a sign that Byrne isn’t close to being ready to receive.
  18. Everybody needs to just chill. It was 3 games against really good competition. I'm as worried as any about the bats, but IT WAS JUST 3 GAMES.

    I get it that we have to play at these team's level to get back to or (one can dream) win in Omaha. Have months to get to that point.
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  19. Also a possible top 5 round pick.
  20. What I would do.... start Taylor, Nunez, and Boyers every game. You can shift Taylor between 2B and 3B if you want. Move either Nunez or Boyers to CF (I suspect Nunez is the better option) to get Porter Brown in the lineup more often and let Wolfe DH. Get Byrne in the lineup at least 1-2 times a week. I would also consider getting Boyers into the 2 hole in the lineup behind Nunez. I'm not at practice every day so I can't tell you why some the older guys continue to play. Loyalty?
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