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TCU Arkansas Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bendover28, Feb 22, 2021 at 5:42 PM.

  1. As it looks now the game won't start till midnight, but I figured I'd get the ball rolling now. We owe these guys from the Fayetteville regional a couple of years ago. Lets get this done
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  2. Don’t eat the pizza!
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  3. Can the winner get the Texas Bowl trophy? :D
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  5. Looking like UT and Tech are going combined 0-6 this weekend. Embarrassing.
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  6. Ahh. That’s why the Riff Ram app is playing crappy music
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  7. Is that 2nd baseman Boomer Bolewire...or whatever his name was/is....that transfered to Arky playing for them still??
  8. First pitch at 7:48.
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  9. I guess these longer delays in between games arent simply for warm up? Guessing teams can warm up, stretch in the locker room?
    Field prep, dugouts cleaned?

    Tech was quickly on the field throwing yesterday after our game.

    Side note-If I played catch for 45 mins my arm would fall off but I passed my prime about 20 years ago (no. I never had a prime)
  10. Looking forward to seeing Krob pitch tonight.

    Shep not in tonight’s starting lineup.
  11. Cody Boulware? No, I don’t think he ever even played at all. Didn’t make the roster after fall ball.
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  12. Did he get hurt the other day?
  13. The only prime I’ve ever had was a steak at Del Frisco’s
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  14. They are giving a full on pre-flight safety brief on how to get out of the stadium in case of an emergency. We live in sad times.
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  15. I heard his replacement, true freshman Brayden Taylor, was looking phenomenal in practice and was going to be hard to keep off the field.
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  16. Got here about 10 minutes before the previous game ended and got some really good lower first base seats as sad Longhorns were leaving.

    So pumped for some TCU Baseball.
  17. I would think the longest part of the delay would be for the grounds crew to get the field ready for the next game. I wouldn't think that would take longer than maybe 30 minutes or so.
  18. Not that I know of. He played 9 innings yesterday. Went O-fee at the plate IIRC.
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  19. No infield practice today.
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