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TCU 360: Tuition to exceed $50,000 moving forward

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Tuition to exceed $50,000 moving forward

    By Robbie Vaglio

    TCU will tip the tuition scale next fall as the price of attendance will exceed $50,000.

    On Friday, the board of trustees set tuition for the 2020-21 academic year at $51,570, or 4.9% higher than this year’s rate of $49,160.

    Need-based financial aid is expected to increase to match the hike, but merit scholarship won’t keep pace.

    Students, parents and alumni took to social media to express their opinions on the topic.

    Read more at https://www.tcu360.com/2019/11/tuition-to-exceed-50000-moving-forward/
  2. It’s as much a country club as it is a school anymore.
  3. Aren’t all private schools?
  4. I guess. Haven’t spend much time around many others but walking around TCU these days feels much different than it did when I was in school. Not saying it’s a terrible thing, the school “looks” better than ever.
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  5. I am just glad that I was able to send my child through ten years ago. It is unbelievable how things have gotten out of hand.
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  6. If the Congress wants to hold hearings on something people really care about.. they could start with the ridiculous increases and costs of a college education.
  7. Did I really go to TCU for about $10K a year? Now, with room and board, that a cool quarter million for a degree.
  8. I’m confident that Congress is not introspective enough to recognize it is their guaranteed student loan program that is the leading cause of this problem.
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    And is $51k just tuition, not counting the full cost of attendance (books, fees, room and board, etc)? I keep waiting for the tuition bubble to burst and it obviously hasn't. My only hope is it does in the next 12 years before my daughter graduates HS. To think (back in 1996) I was able to work weekends and pay around half of my tuition.

    If the amount students/families could in borrow in student loans was capped at $40k over five years, what would that do to tuition hikes? I'm betting undergrad degrees would magically migrate back down around $40-60k.
  10. Give any industry/person/group/program unlimited funding without any standards or underwriting and this is what will happen. The person/company/organization ultimately on the receiving end of the funding will continue to increase costs (ie more revenue)
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  11. I took a TCU admissions tour last week. They said the full cost of attendance for 2020-2021 is going to be $63,800.
  12. Just hard to fathom. No normal person could even remotely afford that.
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  13. Sure they can. It’s called debt.
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  14. Yikes. It’s barely worth half of that for an undergrad degree. The very best job you could land with a bachelors degree alone would pay what.. around $100k for some engineering or corporate job perhaps (not counting sweetheart deals into a relative’s business).
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  15. Gross. This kind of behavior makes me LESS likely to contribute to Lead On tbh.
  16. Why would you even consider it? Why would anybody?
  17. And no increase in merit based scholarships. Wow. When I started at tcu in 1999 it was considered a good value school with tuition around 14k if I remember correctly.
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  18. My tuition & fees back in '72 were @$1,800. In today's money, that's @$11,000, which was a chunk of change for the 3rd of 4 minister's kids who went to TCU. No way that would happen today!
  19. My son would be a fourth generation Horned Frog. I'm pushing him towards Texas and UT-D because TCU prioritizes the wealthy over top students. I get the business decision they made, it's just disappointing as an alum.

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