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TCU 360: Tuition to exceed $50,000 moving forward

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. My tuition in 74 was frozen at $50 a credit hour. it was the last year they froze the tuition at a rate for four years. Unbelievable today.
  2. As a freshman in 2005, some of the textbooks alone cost $150 a piece.
  3. With Rose Bowl noteriety waining, a drop in our US News ranking, and these increases, parking around campus should not be much of a problem in the future...
  4. My daughter is already looking at taking advantage of the free tuition she qualifies for from TCC due to her dad being a full-time professor, then transferring with an associate's degree in hand to a four year school like UTA to finish her bachelor's. It's insane how expensive TCU has become, quite grotesque actually.
  5. Chancellor Boschini is trying to address this now on two fronts. Future TCU employees won't get the lucrative benefits as current TCU employees and this new Campaign for TCU is trying to get the endowment in the $2 to $3 billion range in an attempt to pull the same trick that Rice and Vanderbilt is doing with their tuition cost being deferred partially by the larger endowment.
  6. Dumb! And they keep calling me to give money. You [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ting me?
  7. Nice idea (following Rice and Vandy), but TCU's mistake was being founded by two "Fort Worth-based minister-teachers" instead of Commodore Vanderbilt or Wm Marsh Rice :( Hard to catch up after all those years.
    It can be done, but IMHO it's a long march to catch up on endowment enough (while funding all the other demands) to have a major impact on tuition.
  8. You got to start somewhere. TCU knows $63,800 is a bad look and they are starting to address this. Hopefully they can get it down significantly.
  9. All private schools are expensive. Those who say they won't donate are compounding the problem. Most of that money is to go to the endowment to slow tuition increases as well as to provide for more scholarships. We do need more scholarships. Hopefully are kids and grandkids could benefit from those.
  10. Doesn’t seem like they are “starting to address this” at all to me.
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  11. so you complain about the cost of tuition and then don't understand why anyone would contribute to the initiative to increase the endowment in order to lower the actual cost of attendance for the average student?

    That is brilliant...
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  12. My kids and grandkids will benefit from me not donating to this bubble.
  13. Because the cost increase is arbitrary. They’re just pulling it out their asses.
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  14. Correct. I won't support behavior that allows them to continue to needlessly raise the cost above what people like me can afford. Once they have a product that I want to support, I'll donate again.

    This whole "We need to increase the endowment so we can offer more aid to offset the cost of our ridiculous sticker price...that we ourselves set in the first place" is sleight of hand bunk.
  15. wow it is amazing how few of our alumni - at least the ones on this board - actually understand anything about tuition costs, how endowments work or even why private schools are more expensive than public schools....
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  16. I am dying to be educated on why a $63k tuition is necessary for the continued operation of TCU.
  17. uh actually no - they are not.....

    TCU doesn't make a profit that is kept by the school - if they had any excess, they would be leaving earnings from returns on the endowment in the endowment for organic growth. There is no where else for the money to go - we don't have shareholders or owners to distribute "profits"

    Since that is not happening (a return of earnings to the endowment), then obviously our spend is still considerably higher than our revenue from tuition and room/board
  18. That’s ridiculous, I graduated from TCU a little over 10 years ago and you’re telling me they’re justified in essentially doubling the cost? They’re pricing out tons of people that likely went there when I was a student and even before that.
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  19. guessing you were not an accounting major.

    Where do you think any "excess" of revenue from tuition is being banked or stored in cash by TCU?

    Just as a point of reference - the average cost of attendance at UT is over $70k/student - the difference is they have the land trust to literally subsidize about 70% of that cost for students thanks to the good people of the state of Texas' generosity.

    We only have our own privately raised endowment to try and offset our own.
  20. again - show me where all this "excess" money is being hoarded by the school? if they were just charging whatever to make money, the money would be somewhere on the financial statements.

    so where is it?

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