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Taryn Todd Basketball Commit

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, May 27, 2019.

  1. If he’s committing I would assume we have room for him.
  2. huge difference between having an offense centered around low post play and big's who can play out on the floor.

    name me a team that has made a final four without quality big's on the defensive end who could not operate out from the basket on the offensive end.

    nova? no michigan? no gonzaga? no uva? no tech? no unc? no duke? no loyola-chicago?

    if frogs can't keep opponents off the glass and away from the low block in conference play they don't have to worry about the tournament and i would have much rather had an athletic 6'8" or 6'9" than another 6'2"
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  3. The game is more about length than anything now. That’s why I would rather have a bunch of guys 6’4”-6’9” that can guard multiple positions. Guys who can handle the ball and make threes.
  4. ...and make free throws.
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  6. The darn? KD must be drunk. Or playing fortnight with Leroy Jenkins.
  7. I’m not sure. Just seemed like an odd post to me after seeing all the recent guard commits and that by my count we are 1 scholarship over the limit now.
  8. 1? unless someone has left the program since their announcements this morning they are currently projecting at 15 which is 2 over the limit
  9. Golden State also has 3 of the top 10 players on the planet plus role guys who would be or have been in their past the best players on other teams. The Golden State formula is not so much about style of play as it is having better players than everyone else.
  10. I agree talent is key, but mark jackson had curry, clay, and dremond and didn't have near the success

    the open flow style of play and players whose skills fit that style is big. effectively they lost their most talented player in durant and won five straight by going back to the style that they played prior to durant
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  11. Here is what I have:

    2019-20 Scholarship
    1] Desmond Bane — G
    2] Kendric Davis — G
    3] Lat Mayen — F
    4] Kevin Samuel — C
    5] RJ Nembhard — G
    6] Russell Barlow — C
    7] Diante Smith — F
    8] PJ Fuller — G
    9] Mickey Pearson — F
    10] Kevin Easley — F
    11] Jaedon Ledee — F
    12] Edric Dennis — G
    13] Jaire Grayer — G
    14] Taryn Todd — G

    15] Keonte Kennedy — G

    16] Dylan Arnette — G
    17] Owen Aschieris — G
  12. 15) francisco farabello
  13. Todd is class of 2020
  14. Yes, thank you
  15. No, he reclassified to 2019.
  16. announcement released by tcu this morning reported todd was part of 2019 class

    which raises the question of who isn't coming back or making it to campus?
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  17. We will all know around 10/15/2019
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  18. Agree, currently two scholarships over the limit and then strange post by KD (hopefully unrelated?) I really like him as a player and a person.
  19. Thanks. I saw an article where he was considering that, but didn't see where it happened. So creates even more roster mystery

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